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Acute Care Engagement Solutions Improve Patient Care

vizabli aces - acute care engagement solution

From hospitals to assisted living, healthcare facilities require unique solutions to create comprehensive security, ensure optimal patient care and safety, and improve efficiencies. An Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) can be an essential tool in providing these benefits to your facility.

What is an Acute Care Engagement Solution?

An Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) is a comprehensive platform and approach to patient engagement and care. ACES is an integrated technology solution that brings all communications and engagement related to patient care into a single, accessible platform that allows caregivers, patients, friends, family, and visitors to stay connected and informed with accurate, up-to-date information for improved safety, care, and experience.

Introducing Vizabli ACES, a Solution From NEPPS

Northeast Protection Partners is proud to partner with Vizabli to help healthcare facilities revolutionize patient care and provide better outcomes. Vizabli ACES brings patient, clinical, and virtual room engagement solutions into one comprehensive, integrated platform for more efficient communications thus leading to better overall patient care.

4 Benefits of Vizabli ACES

With essential elements of good visitor management systems built in, these are a few benefits of the Vizabli Acute Care Engagement Solution:

vizabli room board21. Improved Patient Care and Better Outcomes

Similar to how nurse call systems improve patient safety, ACES allows for information to be communicated in real-time, improves response times, reduces errors, and more.

During every aspect of the patient journey, ACES keeps everyone connected with better, more efficient communication, messaging, and information management. All of these factors work together to improve patient safety, staff engagement, and clinical outcomes.

2. Integrated Products and Real-Time Data

Integration and customization are qualities of good security systems and are some of the benefits of ACES. With this solution, you have access to a wide variety of products to care for your patients. From smartboards, digital signage, and tablets, an ACES provides an intuitive solution to organize relevant data and patient information.

Additionally, apps compatible across devices are available for staff and public engagement to add even more integration and communication in one solution. On top of offering a customized solution to fit your facility’s needs, data is available and communicated in real time.vizabli staff enagagement board

vizabli room board3. Increased Efficiency With a Single Comprehensive Platform

Instead of operating separate systems that need to be referenced individually and updated manually, ACES brings all of it into a single comprehensive platform. ACES was built to create a single, secure, redundant integration environment that brings together real-time data from all relevant clinical systems.

Nurse Call, EHR, Staff Assignment, RTLS, Education Providers, PACS/DICOM, Security, Hospitality, Food and Nutrition Services, and more are all included in ACES. The platform compiles all relevant data and displays it in real-time to the appropriate end user, whether they are staff, patients, friends and family, or other support providers.

Not only does this help reduce errors and improve communications across the board, but it also gives countless hours back to nurses. This helps improve response times, efficiencies, and safety, and allows caregivers to spend more time with patients on the things that matter most. This helps improve patient care for short stays and also provides technologies that improve long-term care.

4. Lowered Costs & Increased Revenue

An added benefit of ACES is lowered costs and increased revenue. The reduction of costly mistakes and delays paired with increased staff efficiency can result in lower costs overall.

Additionally, providing better care and outcomes gives your facility a competitive advantage. This, paired with faster discharges, less paperwork and repetition, can result in increased revenue. On top of that, these factors can work together to help your facility attract and retain top talent.

Work With NEPPS to Implement ACES in Your Healthcare Facility

Healthcare facilities hold people’s lives in their hands and face a myriad of unique challenges; they need real, effective, and comprehensive healthcare security solutions to address them. Vizabli ACES was designed and built specifically to use the latest technology and integrations to address these challenges and help healthcare facilities provide better outcomes across the board. If you’re interested in ACES for your healthcare facility, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456.