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5 Applications of AI in Video Surveillance

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As technology evolves and advances, so do security risks and the solutions required to address them effectively. Video surveillance technology has already made significant advances in security cameras, monitoring technology, video analytic capabilities, and more. Advancements in artificial intelligence only open more opportunities to add to these capabilities and refine them for even more accuracy and efficiency. Here are a few applications of AI in video surveillance:

1. Fall Monitoring

AI has been helping to predict and prevent senior falls for years and has only become more effective over time. When paired with video surveillance, it can use mobility cues, visual cues, and predictive analytics to identify the early signs of a fall and send alerts through nurse call or other communications systems to get assistance and prevent it. Not only does this help prevent falls when possible, but it also helps reduce the risk of serious injuries should a fall occur and helps increase efficiency for faster response times.

2. Wander Management

In addition to falls, wandering and elopement are common security concerns for assisted living facilities, senior living facilities, and other healthcare facilities. Comprehensive video surveillance equipped with AI and integrated with access control systems and other security systems can help reduce wandering, prevent elopement, and protect patients and residents.

These elements, in addition to comfortable wearables, are essential components of an effective wander management system. This combines access control, resident locating, and automated video surveillance capabilities into a powerful and effective solution that maximizes staff efficiency while also protecting patients.

3. Inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the most widespread applications of AI in video surveillance and is one of the most useful applications of video surveillance solutions. With the advancements in AI and increased video capabilities, inventory management has only become more automated and efficient across industries.

Healthcare facilities, commercial warehouses, retail stores, and more can all benefit from using video surveillance solutions for inventory management. When paired with asset tracking and other technologies, security cameras are able to count objects, track and monitor movement, identify objects that are out of place, and more. These are all intelligent video analytics capabilities that can become even more advanced, accurate, and efficient when integrated effectively with AI.

4. Event Security

Large events are attractive targets for bad actors and event security needs to effectively address emerging risks and threats associated with them. One of the biggest advancements of AI in video surveillance is the ability for it to monitor and understand complex human interactions and behaviors, and then effectively initiate alerts related to them. Geo-enabled analytics and AI in video surveillance are capable of monitoring and identifying visual and behavioral cues to manage risk.

Aggressive behavioral cues that indicate impending violence, identifying muzzle flashes of potential shooters, abnormal behavior or anomaly cues, and more allow for early detection, proactive response, reduced risk, and better security. Taking advantage of the latest technology like this is one of the best practices for college event security that applies well to other types of events when it comes to addressing evolving risks and threats.

5. Risk Management

Comprehensive security relies on having the right mix of security products and solutions to address specific security gaps and vulnerabilities. Regularly reviewing and maintaining security systems is an essential part of ongoing and effective risk management.

Regularly completing a building vulnerability assessment can help in addressing evolving risks and keeping your facility secure, but using AI in video surveillance can help make it even more effective. AI can be used to process and monitor a lot of data quickly. It can also be used to analyze long-term trends for your facility to provide insight that can help you predict risk to be even more proactive in your security efforts.

Additionally, it can integrate, correlate, and analyze data from other systems, including incident management software, to further identify existing and merging gaps and vulnerabilities. All of this allows you to create a more effective, more comprehensive, and more unified security solution for your facility.

Upgrade Video Surveillance For Your Facility With NEPPS

These are just a few applications of AI in video surveillance. Implementing some of them for your facility can increase the capabilities of your video surveillance system and increase overall security. If you’re interested in upgrading the security cameras and video surveillance technology for your facility, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456.