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Baptist Health of Paducah Case Study

closeup of hugs tag on infant

Name of Facility: Baptist Health of Paducah
Type of Facility: Hospital
Location: Paducah, Kentucky

What the Facility Needed

Baptist Health of Paducah had an infant protection system in place to cover the labor and delivery suites, mother-unit, and the NICU, but the existing system was outdated and in need of an upgrade.

They wanted a system that was more up-to-date and one that provided more redundant security and alarming. They also wanted to have the Kisses Module pair with the HUGS tag to further prevent mother-baby mismatch and add a new layer of protection to the existing security protocols in place.

What NEPPS Provided

Here is how the NEPPS and Baptist Health teams collaborated before and during the installation:

Before the Installation

The NEPPS team met and communicated with the Paducah team over a couple of months to discuss specific needs and narrow down options. For this facility and the Baptist Health team’s needs, the HUGS Enterprise Systems was the best installation option.

In addition to the consistent communication and reliable service and support, NEPPS is also one of the top Authorized Service Providers for the HUGS infant protection system. This contributed to NEPPS being the right security systems integrator for the project for this facility.

During the Installation

During the process and installation, the NEPPS team held biweekly install meetings to maintain a constant line of communication and to help identify and prevent unexpected challenges during the project.

The Baptist Health team was also proactive and involved in the install from start to finish, which only underlined how much they care about the safety, efficiency, comfort, and more of their mother-baby unit.

HUGS and Kisses Enterprise Infant Protect System With Customization

The NEPPS team installed the HUGS Enterprise System with the additional Kisses Module pairing. With the HUGS and Kisses system, the Kisses tag is worn by the mothers and is paired with the HUGS tag on their infant to ensure there is no mother-baby mismatch.

Once these pairs are programmed and come in contact, there is a soft lullaby that chimes from the Kisses tag when it recognizes the paired HUGS tag and an alarm if there is not a match. This type of mother and infant matching technology and location information are essential elements of an effective infant protection system.

During the installation, the Baptist Health team also requested to have the strobe flash whenever a tag is in the field range of the HUGS door controller. This was a customization to further prevent infant abduction risk that the NEPPS team was able to configure and include in the final product.

With this customization, there is a strobe flash and alerts go out if a baby gets too close to an exit without authorization. This allows the hospital to lock down if needed to account for all parties and ensure everyone is where they need to be.

In addition to enhanced safety and security measures for everyone in the unit, it also provides peace of mind for new parents and for hospital staff. Customizations like this are one of the ways to enhance the infant protection system in your hospital.

Improve Your Facility Security With NEPPS

There are many benefits of infant security systems in hospitals. Being able to customize, configure, and integrate them to suit your facilities and operations is essential. Whether you run a healthcare facility, senior living or assisted living facility, or a commercial facility, it’s important for your security systems to be up-to-date and for your facility security to be comprehensive.

A building vulnerability assessment can help you identify current gaps in your security and potential updates or upgrades that are needed. If you need to update, upgrade, and improve the security of your facility, contact NEPPS at 800-736-1456 to schedule your free site assessment.