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6 Benefits of a Comprehensive Video Surveillance System

comprehensive video surveillance concept - computer screens showing cctvs views from multiple security cameras

Security cameras are an essential part of comprehensive security for any building or facility. With integration and evolving technologies, video surveillance can do so much more than just monitor an area. With the right features and integrations, comprehensive video surveillance can efficiently secure and protect people, objects, areas, and more. Here are a few benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system:

1. Prevent and Reduce Incidents

Often, the presence alone of security cameras can be a deterrent. Comprehensive video surveillance is an essential part of securing and is one of the perimeter protection technologies as well.

Good video surveillance can help prevent theft, property damage, unauthorized access, and more. It can even help reduce and prevent fraud. By comprehensively covering all relevant areas, it can secure and protect the building itself, sensitive areas and items, as well as the surrounding area including parking lots, garages, etc. This is also why it is one of the ways to improve security at outdoor shopping centers.

2. Monitor in Real-Time All the Time

Comprehensive video surveillance systems provide 24/7 real-time monitoring of your facility and surrounding areas. With remote access, automated alerts, incident management software, and more, you can monitor your facility from anywhere, at any time, and at your convenience while also knowing that you don’t have to actively manage it.

3. Integrate Seamlessly With Other Systems

The right video surveillance system, especially those with advanced capabilities and intelligent video analytics, is capable of integrating seamlessly with other systems. When paired with access control, video surveillance, especially with geo-enabled analytics, can work seamlessly to protect the entries and exits of your facility while also protecting high-security areas within your facility.

In assisted living facilities, senior living facilities, and other healthcare facilities, video surveillance can be integrated with wander management systems to improve patient contentment and safety. In warehouse settings, it can help secure high-value cages, improve employee safety and productivity, assist with environmental monitoring, and more.

4. Reduce Costs

There are immediate benefits of comprehensive video surveillance and other long-term benefits that may not be as obvious at first. A good video surveillance system with the right types of security cameras, in the right places, and integrated with other security systems can provide serious savings over time.

This type of cost avoidance and savings over time for a return on investment in security is one of the things to consider during security budget planning and making the case for security upgrades. The prevention of theft in retail applications provides more immediate cost reduction.

Video surveillance that can help prevent workplace violence in healthcare not only protects staff, but it also helps reduce costly staff turnover while potentially helping to reduce insurance costs, avoiding costly legal proceedings, etc. With added protection against property damage and other costly risks, there may even be savings on insurance over time.

5. Get Peace of Mind

There are many useful applications of video surveillance solutions. With the right equipment, proper installation, and customized integrations, you can truly get integrated and comprehensive security for your facility. You can also implement different ways to keep your video surveillance footage secure. Many systems come with this security built-in and then you can layer even more on top of it.

This is why one of the biggest benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facility is monitored and secure, and that you and everyone else in the facility are protected.

6. Scale Efficiently

With evolving technologies, comprehensive video surveillance systems are also built to grow and scale with your needs. Once a system is installed and a network is established, you can efficiently install additional cameras as needed. This efficient scalability is one of the benefits of integrated security systems.

If your facility is expanding or getting remodeled, you can work with your security systems integrator to make sure all the best places to install security cameras are covered. And, they can make sure new cameras are integrated and configured to work with your existing surveillance system and other security systems.

Get Comprehensive Security For Your Facility With NEPPS

These are just a few benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system. The right types of security products, systems, and integrations will vary depending on your facility and operations. Choosing the right security systems integrator can help make sure you get comprehensive security that meets your facility’s needs. If you need to upgrade or review your facility security, contact NEPPS at 800-736-1456 to schedule a free site assessment.