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5 Benefits of Commercial Security Systems

cctv in front of a commercial office building

Protecting your commercial buildings is essential and provides a ton of benefits for you and for your tenants. Here are a few big benefits of commercial security systems:

1. Flexible to Fit Your Building’s Needs

One of the biggest benefits of the commercial security systems available today is that there is so much flexibility. From simple electronic locks to a fully-integrated facility risk management solution, there are a wide variety of products and solutions available to help you get what you need regardless of how big or small your needs may be.

2. Effective Visitor Management and Access Control

A good commercial building security system employs some sort of access control that allows you to manage visitors and flow in and out of the building. Not only is this essential to commercial building security, but it is also one of the biggest benefits of enterprise access control systems.

In addition to making sure building access is granted only to those who should have it, good access control also helps you manage access to spaces within the building.

You can create authorized and unauthorized areas as well as manage who is able to access them. Plus, if any issues do arise, you will be able to resolve them quickly thanks to the security measures and monitoring you have in place.

On top of that, you can easily update, grant, and revoke access without having to overhaul your entire system each time. Resetting a code or revoking access on a lost key card is much easier than having to replace locks. These capabilities are essential elements of visitor management systems.

3. Real-Time Monitoring and Protection 24/7

Another one of the biggest benefits of commercial security systems is that they provide real-time monitoring and protection 24/7 for your office buildings or other commercial properties. In the case of a fire or other event, alarms are triggered, alerts go out, and help arrives faster. This can help mitigate damage and save your property.

Should someone break in or access an unauthorized area, real-time monitoring and alerts can notify the appropriate people and authorities to respond quickly. In addition to helping to prevent issues from occurring in the first place, a solid security system can also help make sure damage is minimal and issues are resolved quickly should something happen.

4. Prevent Property Crime or Damage

Theft, vandalism, property destruction, and other property crimes are real threats to commercial buildings. Thanks to effective security systems, these threats can be managed, reduced, and prevented.

Often, the presence of a security system alone can help deter property crime. Additionally, effective security systems in commercial buildings help to ensure a quick response from authorities when needed while providing the information necessary to resolve any issues should they occur.

5. Lower Commercial Insurance Costs

Insurance is all about managing risk. Often, if you can lower your risk, then you can also lower your insurance costs through discounts or other benefits provided by the insurance company.

In the case of commercial buildings, a solid, effective security solution can help you lower the risk of property crime, damage, etc., which can also help you lower your commercial insurance costs. These are also some of the reasons why property managers need commercial building security solutions.

Additionally, you can reduce to risk of fraudulent insurance claims against your business. After all, if someone claims they were injured after slipping and falling on your property and you can prove otherwise with CCTV footage, then you save yourself and your insurance company a lot of trouble, time, and expense.

These are just a few of the benefits of commercial security systems and using one is one of the biggest ways to improve commercial building security. The right mix of security products and integrations will vary from building to building. Choosing the right security systems integrator can be a big help in making sure you get the right solutions to meet your needs. Contact NEPPS for a free site assessment customized to your security needs!