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5 Benefits of Enterprise Access Control Systems

keycard enterprise access control system on commercial building door

Access control systems are an important part of a comprehensive security solution for any facility, including office buildings and other commercial buildings. Here are a few benefits of enterprise access control systems:

1. Monitor Entries and Exits

One of the biggest benefits of enterprise access control systems is that they allow you to monitor entries and exits. With access control in place, you can not only control who has access to the building, but you can also keep track of who is coming and going and when.

This allows you to protect property, protect the people inside the building, and more in addition to being able to access a record of entries and exits should a security breach occur. These reasons, and more, are why property managers need commercial building security solutions and make access control a critical component of your security system.

2. Provide Easier Access for Employees

An access control system allows you to grant or revoke access to your building and specific areas within the building as well. Unless you need to update things, you can essentially “set it and forget it”. Your employees will have the access they need when they need it for their jobs and you won’t have to worry about areas of your building being left unsecured.

Plus, access control makes getting around easier for your employees. Instead of having to request access and wait for approval or wait for the person with the key to let them in, they already have the access they need. On top of that, there are several types of access control readers available to help you customize the best access control system for your needs.

3. Avoid Unauthorized Visitors

In addition to providing easier access for your employees, a good access control system also helps you avoid unauthorized visitors. This is an essential element of visitor management. This keeps disruptions to a minimum while also protecting everyone inside the building and protecting your property from damage, theft, and other risks. In addition to unauthorized visitors, you can also implement temperature monitoring, face mask detection, and other important access control security solutions during a pandemic or for high-risk environments.

4. Access Methods Are More Secure

Traditional keys can be a great backup when technology fails, but they also tend to be a less secure method of entry. Traditional keys are easily duplicated, which can be a security issue if one is lost or not returned. In order to make sure your building remains secure with traditional keys, you would need to change the locks in this scenario. One of the things to know about electronic access control is that there are several access methods that are more secure than traditional keys.

With an enterprise access control system, there is no need to change the locks. Instead, you simply revoke access for a particular code or card if one is lost or not returned. And, if you need to reset security access for the whole building or a specific area of the building for some reason, you can do so without overhauling or replacing the entire system. This is also one of the benefits of biometric access control.

5. Efficient Access for Multiple Buildings and Locations

Access control systems can be integrated with other security solutions and also scaled to fit your facility’s needs. You could have multiple buildings and locations under your management and may need to manage access to all of them including scenarios where the same people need to have varying levels of access to other buildings or locations.

With traditional key and lock systems, these scenarios become very complicated very quickly. Instead of multiple keys that increase confusion and increase security risks, an enterprise access control system allows you to manage access easily and securely across multiple buildings and locations integrated into the system. This integration can also make maintaining access control systems easier, which is particularly valuable when dealing with multiple buildings or campuses.

Implement Enterprise Access Control With NEPPS

There are many factors to consider in an access control system and these are just a few benefits of enterprise access control systems. Including an access control system and integrating it with other security measures allows you to fully protect your building and get all the benefits of commercial security systems.

Every building’s needs will vary and the right mix of products to create a comprehensive security system will vary with them. If you’re ready to upgrade the security system for your commercial buildings, contact NEPPS for a free site assessment!