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6 Benefits of Environmental Monitoring

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Environmental monitoring is not just for soil, water, food, and habitats; it has evolved to include facility management across various industries. Environmental monitoring solutions in the context of facility management allow you to monitor and collect data about the facility and various parameters within it. From monitoring and improving processes to asset tracking and more, environmental monitoring can be used in a variety of applications across a wide range of industries and types of facilities. Here are a few benefits of environmental monitoring:

1. Most Environmental Monitoring Solutions Are Customizable

Most environmental monitoring solutions are customizable to your facility and specific operation’s needs. In addition to default settings and parameters, you can also customize parameters and specific alerts to get the monitoring you need.

This is one of many reasons why there are so many environmental monitoring applications across industries. Whether water temperature and quality monitoring, temperature monitoring, asset tracking and inventory management, or another application, good environmental monitoring solutions will be able to monitor and track what you need.

2. It is a Flexible and Scalable Technology

Flexibility and scalability are qualities of good security systems and are things to look for in environmental monitoring systems as well. Whether you are installing and configuring environmental monitoring for a single facility or multiple facilities across a campus, environmental monitoring technologies are flexible and can scale up or down to meet your needs.

You can also update and manage the parameters you’re monitoring, specific rules-based processing associated with them, alerts, and more to meet your needs as they change, grow, and evolve. This type of real-time, consistent monitoring is adaptable to changing requirements and is built to grow with your facility.

3. Environmental Monitoring Integrates Seamlessly With Other Systems

Easier management, increased efficiencies, and more are benefits of integrated security systems. Environmental monitoring integrates seamlessly with other systems you have in place to allow for comprehensive monitoring, tracking, management, and more.

Pairing environmental monitoring with asset tracking and intelligent security cameras can effectively count, monitor, and manage inventory automatically and in real time. This is one of the applications of environmental monitoring in healthcare that can also be used in warehouses and across various other industries.

4. Environmental Monitoring Solutions Increase Efficiency

With customization and seamless integration, environmental monitoring solutions increase efficiency across the board. If integrated with nurse call systems, they can allow for reduced response times, improved patient satisfaction, reduced false alarms, and more. With automated monitoring, skilled staff are freed up to focus on more valuable, meaningful work across the board.

On top of that, these systems can remove the potential for human error and provide real-time, accurate data that you can count on consistently. This type of integration also allows for easier, more effective facility management overall.

Additionally, you can document, monitor, and analyze your current processes to identify areas for improvement to further increase efficiency, safety, and more within and around your facility. All of this works together to increase efficiencies and also provide cost savings over time, which is one of the things to consider for security budget planning as well.

5. It Improves Facility Maintenance, Compliance, and Quality Control

Another one of the features of environmental monitoring solutions comes with the documentation, verification, and validation that activity, monitoring, and alert logs can provide. One of the things to look for in incident management software is robust and easy-to-use reporting; it’s important for your environmental monitoring system as well.

With reports, alerts, and logs, you will have a record of what happens, when, where, etc. Not only does this help provide verification and validation where needed, like with sanitary or cleaning procedures, but it can also help you keep track of maintenance and audit your facility when you need to.

Environmental monitoring records can help you keep track of when maintenance was done, when something was cleaned or replaced, and also set alerts or reminders for when it needs to be checked or maintained again. These are essential features for any facility that needs to consider compliance and quality control.

For high-value items, especially those that are mobile, you can also get a real-time view of where those items are located within your facility. This is one of the benefits of effective asset tracking and it can be particularly powerful when paired with environmental monitoring technology.

6. Environmental Monitoring Also Protects Facilities

Leak protection and flood monitoring are common environmental monitoring applications and help protect facilities. Integrated systems can monitor pipes and areas within the facility to detect high levels of moisture above a certain point, tamper or damage alerts, and more to prevent and reduce damage to facilities.

Leak protection can also be applied to gas lines or other pipes, lines, or containers. Temperature monitoring can be used to monitor frozen or refrigerated areas and to monitor for fire risk. In addition to some of these standard risks, you can also customize monitoring and alerts to add protections against specific risks that are unique to your facility or operation.

Improve Your Facility Management With NEPPS

These are just a few benefits of environmental monitoring. With flexible, customizable technologies that can adapt and scale to fit your needs, environmental monitoring applications can improve facility management across the board. If you’re ready to implement or update environmental monitoring solutions for your facility, contact NEPPs at 1-800-736-1456.