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4 Benefits of Infant Security Systems in Hospitals

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Between maternity wards, NICUs, labor and delivery suites, and more, hospitals have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to maternity and infant security and care. An infant security system can help. Here are a few benefits of infant security systems in hospitals:

1. Eliminate Mother-Infant Mismatches

With so much going on, there are a lot of things that can lead to mother-infant mismatches. With advances in technology and improved processes, the risk of a mismatch is much lower than it was decades ago.

By using an infant security system that has mother and infant matching technology, you can eliminate the risk of mother-infant mismatches. This is why mother and infant matching technology is one of the essential elements of an effective infant protection system.

With this matching technology, hypoallergenic and comfortable tags are given to mother-infant pairs. These tags are synced and automatically match the mother and infant together. The system alone helps reduce the chance of a mismatch. And, in the case a mismatch would still occur, an alarm sounds to indicate the error and a notification alert is immediately released.

2. Protection Against Abduction

Although infant abductions are rare, around 57% of infant abductions from hospitals occur when the infant is taken from their mother’s room. Good infant security systems provide accurate and real-time location information, have abduction attempt alerts, and also have tag tampering alerts to help protect against this security threat and vulnerability of hospitals.

These features allow staff to confirm that patients are where they are supposed to be and can automatically send out alerts or trigger alarms if something is wrong. Additionally, if there are issues with tags or someone is attempting to remove a tag without authorization, tag tampering alerts can be triggered.

Tags and location information can also integrate with access control systems to trigger alarms and lockdowns if an infant gets too close to a door without authorization. This is one of the ways to enhance the infant protection system in your hospital and is another layer of protection against infant abduction.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

Another one of the benefits of an infant security system in a hospital is that they are flexible and scalable systems. This means that the system can be integrated with other security systems and can be customized and configured to go beyond the standard installation to meet specific needs. Also, customizations can be configured within or between units on the same floor, between floors, and more, which means workflows and processes that are configured for specific needs in specific units and areas.

Baptist Health of Paducah customized its HUGS infant security system to add even more protection against potential infant abduction. In addition to triggering security alerts if infants were to get too close to an exit door without authorization, there would also be a strobe flash to accompany it. The customizability of this system allows for additional types of alerts and also the ability to configure escalating alerts for specific situations and areas.

On top of customized alerts and configurations, you can also automate processes by further integrating your infant protection system with other security systems. Aside from access control, infant security can also be integrated with video surveillance systems to capture video in a specific area, monitor for cues to trigger specific security measures like locking doors or securing elevators, and more.

4. Peace of Mind

All of these capabilities and other benefits culminate in peace of mind for the mother, family members, friends, hospital staff, and anyone else involved in labor, delivery, and recovery. As rewarding as the experience may be, there is a lot of stress on everyone during the process. With an infant security system in place, at least some of the worry and stress is alleviated.

Implement Effective Infant Security in Your Hospital With NEPPS

These are just a few benefits of infant security systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Working with an experienced, reputable security systems integrator can help customize, install, and configure an infant security system that meets all of your facility’s needs. If you’re interested in implementing an infant security system in your hospital or upgrading the one you have, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456.