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5 Benefits of Installing an Emergency Call System

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An emergency call system provides several benefits to hospitals, assisted living facilities, senior living facilities, and other healthcare facilities. Here are a few benefits of installing an emergency call system:

1. Increase Patient/Resident Safety

One of the biggest benefits of installing an emergency call system is that it increases patient/resident safety. Falls, slips, and similar incidents are common risks in hospitals and senior living facilities. They are also one of the common security concerns for assisted living facilities.

In addition to fall monitoring products and safety measures to reduce the risk of falls, an emergency call system can ensure that a patient or a resident can call for help immediately and get help as soon as possible. Not only do these measures help prevent falls from occurring, but they also help reduce and prevent further injuries and complications should a fall or another emergency occur. They can also help mitigate and prevent workplace violence in healthcare.

2. Improve Staff Efficiency

On average, a nursing unit can receive 7,000 patient-initiated calls per month. In handling these calls, an emergency call system can improve staff efficiency and reduce fatigue. With a good emergency call system in place, staff know a resident can reach them when in need, which can make time spent on rounds more efficient and they can focus their attention on urgent needs.

A good emergency call system can also help decrease call times and increase response rates. Faster response times contribute to lower fall and lower injurious fall rates among other patient/resident safety benefits. Additionally, by allowing staff to claim calls and update statuses, there is no confusion or delay around who is taking or handling a call, or whether the situation has been handled. This is just one of the many ways nurse call systems improve patient safety and also efficiency in general.

3. Increase Patient/Resident Independence

When it comes to wired vs wireless nurse call systems, one of the big benefits of a wireless system is that it increases patient/resident independence. When your patients/residents have wearables where help is just a push of a button away, they can be more mobile.

This could allow them to move more freely around the facility, engage in more activities, and more. Not only does this improve the quality of life for a patient/resident, but it can also help prevent elopement or wandering that may have occurred otherwise due to boredom or feeling restricted.

4. Provide Peace of Mind

Emergency call systems tend to be reliable systems. In addition to the other benefits they provide, they also provide peace of mind to patients/residents, their families, and also staff. Patients/residents and their families know they can call for help when needed and someone will be there.

At the same time, staff know that they have a reliable system in place to help monitor and protect patients/residents more easily and efficiently whether the facility is a senior living community, secure hospital, etc. Plus, it’s 24-hour monitoring with location tracking, so help is available when needed no matter what time it is and no matter where you are.

5. Integrate Seamlessly With Other Security Solutions

A good emergency call system has the added benefit of integrating seamlessly with other security systems. When integrated with access control, wander management, infant protection, and other systems within your facility, security alerts can be centralized.

This helps to improve the safety and security of the facility overall and helps to protect everyone inside it. No matter what is happening, an emergency call system ensures quick delivery of the necessary information to the people who need it on the devices they’re using for faster mobilization and response.

These are just a few benefits of installing an emergency call system. Getting the right emergency call system for your facility can help increase patient/resident safety, decrease call times, increase staff efficiency, and more. If you’re considering an emergency call system for your facility, contact NEPPS for a free site assessment to get started!