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7 Benefits of Integrated Security Systems

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Disjointed and separate security systems that don’t work together create security gaps and vulnerabilities. Effective and comprehensive facility security relies on security systems that work together; integrated security systems combine multi-layered systems and integrate them into one solution. Here are some of the big benefits of integrated security systems:

1. Integrated Security Systems Are Easier to Manage

When security systems are integrated seamlessly, they work more efficiently, cover more comprehensively, and are easier to manage. These are all qualities of good security systems. Usually, you can integrate systems so that they can be accessed, monitored, and managed from one program. All of this can help reduce false alarms and provide other benefits.

Not only does this allow for remote access and real-time monitoring, which are some security features your business needs, but it also means faster and easier identification and resolution of security incidents. Integrated security systems are usually also easier to update and maintain. Plus, you can identify patterns and trends easier and more efficiently as well.

2. They Provide Effective Crime Prevention

Often, the presence of visible video surveillance or an alarm system alone acts as a deterrent. In fact, about 60% of burglars in one study indicated the presence of an alarm would make them pick a different target altogether.

This is just one of the reasons to consider a wireless alarm system for your business in addition to other security systems and measures. Integrated security systems that cover all gaps and vulnerabilities for your facility only offer a bigger deterrent and effective crime prevention.

Specific security threats will vary from facility to facility, but using a building vulnerability assessment checklist and partnering with a good security systems integrator can ensure you end up with the right mix of security products and systems your facility needs.

3. Integrated Security Systems Assist With More Efficient Operations

The right mix of integrated security products and systems can help you improve the efficiency of your operations as well. Many integrated security solutions provide extra features, upgrades, and integrations in addition to already integrating well with automation or other connected systems that help you manage your operations.

Smart thermostats can usually integrate with security systems, especially those that have environmental monitoring features built-in. In addition to temperature monitoring, integrated systems can also detect open doors or windows, movement, changes in the number of products in an area, etc., and then send calls or alerts appropriately. This type of seamless integration and efficiency is something to look for to choose the best nurse call system for your facility and other systems you may need.

4. They Help Protect Against False Claims

Although they tend to be rare, false claims are still a liability and potential vulnerability for businesses and operations of all kinds. Gaps in your security can mean a lack of evidence when it comes to proving or disproving a claim.

On the other hand, integrated systems that comprehensively monitor and secure your facility provide clear evidence to support or deny any claims regarding an incident inside or on your premises. This can be helpful for any facility, but is particularly helpful for large areas with a lot of people like campuses, outdoor shopping centers, and more.

5. Integrated Security Systems Improve Productivity and Safety

In addition to helping to improve efficiency in operations, integrated security systems also help improve productivity and safety overall. Wireless call systems or alarms integrated with security cameras, access control systems, and more can limit access and help create a safer workplace for your employees.

Not only can this help reduce and prevent violent incidents in the workplace, but it can also help improve security, efficiency, and more overall in high-security facilities like secure hospitals, restricted areas, etc. Plus, removing worries regarding safety and providing tools to help your employees can also help improve productivity.

6. They Can Be Customized For Your Needs

Another one of the benefits of integrated security systems is that they tend to be able to be customized to suit your specific facility, operations, and needs. There can be one-size-fits-all packaged systems. However, usually, even the defaults can be customized to work with a variety of other products, sensors, systems, etc. your facility may have. This is one of the automation ideas for hospitals that can also work for a variety of facilities.

Hospitals need comprehensive security solutions, and so do other facilities; and, those security solutions need to customized to each facility. With the right mix of security products and solutions along with integrated systems, you can get the security you need for your facility.

This type of integration and customization is something to look for in incident management software and it should be something you require of your other security systems too. An experienced security systems integrator can help you work through your needs and narrow down the options to what will best meet your needs, and they will often be able to assist with installation, integration, and even ongoing maintenance and updates.

7. Integrated Security Systems Provide Financial Benefits

When it comes to security budget planning, the security of your facility is an investment. Although integrated security systems can have a higher upfront cost, they more than pay for themselves over time.

Integrated security systems improve the security and protection of your entire facility and premises, which can reduce overhead. In addition to avoiding costly litigation and preventing expensive damage or theft, the efficiency, protection, and extra benefits of integrated security systems provide overall savings over time. These are all also benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system.

You may even be able to see savings on your insurance premiums because of the added protection and reduced liabilities. This is one of the reasons why property managers need commercial building security solutions, and it’s something that can be applied to other applications as well.

Not having enough security and lack of regular maintenance are some of the biggest security mistakes businesses make. This makes the initial investment in security system integration and the ongoing maintenance of security systems a necessary investment for any facility in addition to an investment that provides financial benefits as well.

These are just a few benefits of integrated security systems. If your systems do not integrate and work together, it’s one of the big signs your security technology needs an upgrade. If your current security systems are leaving your facility vulnerable, contact NEPPS at (800) 736-1456 to schedule a free site assessment.