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6 Benefits of Mass Notification Systems

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In an emergency, mere seconds can make a huge difference. In hectic and busy environments, effective messaging can help organize people and streamline processes for better results. When you need to get a message out as quickly and efficiently as possible, mass notification systems can be essential. Here are a few benefits of mass notification systems:

1. Mass Notification Systems Are Customizable and Flexible

Whether your facility is one building, multiple buildings across a large campus, or even multiple campuses, mass notification systems can be scaled, customized, and configured to meet your needs. This is also one of the ways to improve security at outdoor shopping centers.

These systems are built to be scalable, customizable, and flexible to accommodate the needs of small and large operations. In addition to these qualities of good security systems, this also means that they are built to integrate seamlessly with other systems you have in place.

2. They Improve Communication Across Multiple Areas

One of the biggest overall benefits of mass notification systems across applications is that they improve communications across multiple areas, including across multiple buildings and large campuses.

With mass notification systems in place, information gets to the people who need it quickly and efficiently. In addition to healthcare facilities, hospital campuses, and warehouses, mass notification systems are also one of the campus security solutions for colleges & universities for this reason.

3. Mass Notification Systems Work in Real Time

Real-time monitoring, updates, and alerts can be sent out automatically to get information immediately to the people who need it and to keep information as up-to-date as possible. This, in addition to two-way mass notification options, allows for proactive and preventive measures, rapid and efficient management of developing situations, and improved safety measures across situations.

Not only does this help improve safety and, in emergencies, can save lives, but it can also help prevent situations from escalating. Mass notification and other call systems can help reduce and prevent workplace violence in healthcare and in other applications.

4. They Provide More Accurate Messaging

In addition to real-time alerts and updates, mass notification systems can also deliver additional updates and instructions based on location or other customizations. With options like two-way mass notification, messaging can be customized and individualized further. They can also be configured so that they do not send inaccurate or irrelevant alerts to people who do not need them.

This allows for more accurate messaging from beginning to end and can help ensure better safety outcomes. In the event of an evacuation, mass notification systems can provide different evacuation instructions based on location or proximity to an event to prevent panic, prevent bottlenecks, make for more efficient evacuation, and improve safety overall.

5. Mass Notification Can Deliver Messaging Across Technologies

Depending on the facilities and operations, text messages may not be the best way to communicate certain types of alerts. Mass notification systems can be integrated with other systems and technologies to ensure messages get to everyone who needs them.

In some applications, this could be text messages with secondary announcements to loudspeakers or intercom systems and/or to digital message boards. In this way, if a message needs to go to everyone and one system fails to reach someone, there are methods in place to make sure the alert is received.

This also makes mass notification more accessible so that people with hearing or sight impairments still receive necessary alerts and information. In addition to internal response measures, the system can also alert external authorities, like local police, with detailed incident information depending on the nature of the alert. In addition to comprehensive security and effective communications in a variety of facilities, the right mass notification systems and features can help meet best practices for college event security and other types of events.

6. They Integrate With Other Systems to Provide More Information

The scalability and efficiency that comes with seamless integration are just some of the benefits of integrated security systems. In the context of security management and incident/emergency response, seamless integration is essential.

If integrated with video surveillance systems, video and audio can be sent along with alerts to the parties that need them. For example, if an alert is sent to first responders, video and audio information can automatically be included. This provides more context and information about the incident and can help responders plan and implement the fastest and best response possible.

Implement Effective Mass Notification in Your Facility With NEPPS

Whether in healthcare facilities or other applications, these are just a few benefits of mass notification systems. The right system with quality installation and configurations customized for your needs can make a big difference. If you’re interested in mass notification systems for your facility or operation, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456 to ask questions or to schedule a free site assessment!