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4 Benefits of Using a Full-Service Security Systems Integrator

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A lot of different factors have to come together to achieve comprehensive facility security. You need to know what all of your security vulnerabilities are, the right mix of products and solutions to cover them, the right installation, setup, and implementation of those products, maintenance and updates, and more to get the security you need. There is a lot you need to get right and a lot of ways it can go wrong, but a full-service security systems integrator can help. Here are some benefits of using a full-service security systems integrator:

1. Ensure All Gaps and Vulnerabilities Are Addressed

A building vulnerability assessment checklist can help you start identifying security gaps and vulnerabilities in and around your facility. Even with a checklist, it can be easy to miss vulnerabilities, especially if you don’t have an extensive background in security.

Even if you do have a security background, it’s still a good idea to get a second opinion. A full-service security systems integrator has experience in every step of the process. The right security systems integrator will be able to review with you, provide valuable insights, and make sure all security gaps and vulnerabilities are addressed.

2. Get Security Products and Solutions Customized to Your Needs

In addition to identifying all gaps and vulnerabilities, working with a full-service security systems integrator also gets you the right mix of security products and solutions to comprehensively cover and secure your facility.

Every facility will have specific security needs, and the security products and solutions you use will need to be customized to your facility. Although some security solutions for warehouses map overlap with hospitals or other types of facilities, each will still have additional needs and specifications for security. There will also be differences between individual facilities even if they are the same “type” of facility.

There are many ways to improve building security overall. However, comprehensive security for your specific facility will depend entirely on a customized approach that identifies the right mix of security products and solutions for it. Additionally, a good integrator will make sure that the security solutions they recommend also work with systems you already have in place.

3. Have Confidence Your Systems Will be Installed and Integrated Properly

Once you know the products and systems you need to secure your facility, the next step is to install them, integrate them, and set them up. The best security systems in the world are useless if they are installed incorrectly or if your team does not know how to use them. It’s important to ensure that all systems and components are installed correctly and your team needs to be trained on your security systems.

Small details like using the wrong types of surveillance cameras or angling a security camera incorrectly can have negative consequences for your security and leave security gaps. With an experienced, reputable, and full-service security systems integrator, you get peace of mind and can have confidence that your security systems will be installed and integrated properly.

Often, a full-service integrator will also help you set up the systems to work the way you want them to. They may even be able to offer training and support to bring the rest of your staff up to speed on the new systems as well. This will help you take advantage of all of the qualities of good security systems.

4. Get Peace of Mind and More Time With a Support & Maintenance Plan That Covers Your Whole System

After installation, it’s important to manage and maintain your security systems to keep products in good shape and systems working correctly. This can require a lot of time and effort. It can also become costly if you need to continually hire people to help you review, repair, update, and maintain your systems.

This is particularly true if they are unfamiliar with your setup. Instead of trying to handle it all yourself or hiring out for specific parts of your system, you can opt for a support and maintenance plan to have an integrator update and maintain your systems for you. Plus, they will be able to take care of your whole security system, including how things integrate together, instead of only specific parts of it.

One of the benefits of using a full-service security systems integrator is that many of them offer ongoing support and maintenance plans. If you partner with the right integrator for your needs, you will be able to work with the same provider throughout the whole process, which can give you peace of mind and save you even more time whether you need to maintain access control systems, another security system, or a comprehensive integration of multiple systems.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of using a full-service security systems integrator to get the security you need for your facility. If you’re looking to improve or upgrade your building security, contact NEPPS at 800-736-1456 to schedule a free site assessment.