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8 Important Campus Security Solutions for Colleges & Universities

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Colleges and universities contain a lot of people, property, and high-value assets; this also means a lot of security concerns and vulnerabilities that need to be covered comprehensively with the right mix of security products and solutions. Here are a few important campus security solutions for colleges & universities:

1. Managed Access Control

Generally, there are varying levels of access to the buildings on campus. Some are public with no restrictions on entries and exits while others are restricted and require a key, card, code, etc. to enter. With so many people moving around campus, and with high-value assets in buildings, it’s important to have a good access control system in place.

You should be able to efficiently manage access credentials for people and adjust access levels as needed based on the level of access they should have. This is one of the factors to consider in an access control system. It can also help create secure storage for mail and package delivery and other departments and processes your campus needs to provide.

2. Visible Video Surveillance

The presence of video surveillance alone can act as a deterrent. The right types of surveillance cameras in the right places and integrated with the rest of your security systems can help make sure your campus and the people on it are protected.

With good video surveillance in place, you can help reduce the risk of an incident and have the video footage you need to resolve issues should an incident occur. This technology, paired with access control, incident management software, and more, can help you monitor and improve campus security.

3. Parking Lot and Perimeter Security

College and university campuses tend to have large properties, perimeters that meet public areas and roadways, and parking lots. All of these areas present vulnerabilities that your security solutions should cover; both during the normal day-to-day and to meet best practices for college event security.

In addition to parking lot surveillance, there are also several types of perimeter protection technologies you can implement to protect and secure campus boundaries. Various fence, gate, etc. options can help secure perimeters and parking lots. Additionally, security cameras with license plate recognition and other intelligent video capabilities can enhance security around these areas.

4. Efficient Mass Notification

Getting a message out to a lot of people quickly and efficiently is one of the biggest benefits of mass notification systems. With students, staff, and sometimes the public on campus grounds, there will be times when the college needs to communicate a message to the entire campus population.

Whether it’s a security alert, severe weather alert, urgent update related to campus accessibility, or something else, an efficient mass notification system can help get the relevant alert to all the right people as quickly as possible.

5. Well-Trained Public Safety

The presence of a public safety office with well-trained officers who can assist efficiently in an incident is one of the campus security solutions for colleges & universities. In addition to security products and solutions, public safety officers or campus police that have undergone training around bias and mental health issues and are well-versed in appropriate de-escalation techniques can provide another layer of physical security and efficient indecent response.

6. Available Campus Escort Services

In addition to a public safety office, campus escort services are another resource that can help improve security and safety. In general, it’s a good idea not to walk across campus alone, especially at night or through less populated areas. Having an escort available for students to accompany students or staff who find themselves having to traverse campus alone can cover this security concern.

7. Well-Lit Walkways

Traversing a campus at night is a security concern for colleges and students alike. Paved pathways along major traffic routes can help direct foot traffic and reduce injury. Making sure pathways are open, accessible, and well-lit at night can help increase safety and reduce incidents in addition to video surveillance on campus and other security measures.

8. Working Emergency Alert Stations

Although cell phones are ubiquitous, people may not always have them on their person, have them in a place that’s easy to get to, or have enough battery charge to make a call. Because of this, campuses big and small can benefit from strategically-placed emergency alert stations. Not only does the visible presence of these stations help reduce incidents, but they also allow for more efficient incident response in case something does occur.

There are several campus security concerns for colleges & universities. These important campus security solutions can help cover them and are ways universities can manage crime. Each campus is different and the specific components of a comprehensive security solution will vary accordingly.

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