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4 Common Security Concerns for Warehouses

shelves full of inventory and equipment in a warehouse

Warehouses are busy places. Between the surrounding property, the building itself, things stored inside, equipment, employees, and more, there is a lot going on and a lot to keep safe and secure. Here are a few common security concerns for warehouses:

1. Theft

One of the most common security concerns for warehouses is theft. In addition to valuable equipment and information, warehouses are well-known for storing valuable items. They need effective systems and solutions to protect and secure high-value storage cages and inventory. For comprehensive security, warehouse facilities need to be able to protect against theft from both external and internal sources as well as any theft that could occur during transport or transfer.

This is why transfer and transport bays are some of the best places to install security cameras for warehouses. You can also opt for intelligent video surveillance with license plate recognition, heat tracing, movement tracking, etc. capabilities. Video surveillance paired with access control, robust and accurate inventory tracking, and other security systems can help provide comprehensive security for your warehouse and help prevent theft.

2. Property Damage

Although property damage to warehouses is likely more often caused by attempted unauthorized entry or theft or storm damage, the property can also be at risk for vandalism. If the facility is located near high-traffic areas, there is also the risk of damage to perimeter protection technologies from vehicle accidents.

Whether the damage to the property is caused intentionally or as a by-product of an accident, it’s still one of the security concerns for warehouses and needs to be included in a building vulnerability assessment for the property. At the very least, there should be some way to alert, track, and monitor for damage in the building, around the building, on the property premises, and on the perimeter.

3. Employee Safety

In addition to storing high-value items, warehouses also have people operating machinery, transferring and moving those items, working in the warehouse, etc. In many cases, employees are working in dangerous environments or with potentially hazardous materials. This makes employee safety one of the top security concerns for warehouses.

Access control systems can help prevent unauthorized entry to the premises while environmental monitoring and automated temperature monitoring can help keep storage environments stable. Solid safety regulations and procedures can help ensure employee safety within the facility. Mass notification systems, alert systems, and egress devices on emergency exits can help keep employees safe in the event of an emergency.

4. Power Outages

Warehouses rely on consistent power to keep employees safe and stored items secure. This is even more important with the storage of sensitive material that could be damaged or become harmful when exposed to light, moisture, temperature changes, etc.

In addition to temperature monitoring and environmental monitoring systems, all warehouses should also have backup generators and plans in place to sustain critical systems during power outages.

Get Comprehensive Warehouse Security With NEPPS

These are just a few of the common security concerns for warehouses. There are essential security solutions for warehouses that cover the basics. Comprehensive solutions will vary among individual facilities and operations.

Choosing the right security systems integrator can help you make sure your warehouses and storage facilities are fully secured and covered. If your warehouse security needs an upgrade or an update, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456 to schedule a site assessment.