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5 Beneficial Intelligent Video Analytics Capabilities

heatmap video analytics capabilities in a retail store

From warehouses and commercial buildings to healthcare facilities, nursing homes, and more, video surveillance offers a variety of benefits. However, for many facilities, it’s not enough to just have access to CCTV footage; you also need to be able to monitor, track, and use that footage to effectively manage and secure your facility. That’s where AI-based intelligent video analytics can help. Here are a few beneficial intelligent video analytics capabilities:

1. AI-Based Learning and Video Processing

There are several applications of AI in video surveillance. Combining artificial intelligence with video processing and analytics allows your system to analyze video content in real-time and provide alerts and actionable information to staff or other systems when events are triggered and certain things are detected.

This self-learning foundation for video processing and analysis helps to increase the overall security of your facility. It also helps to reduce false alarms and shrinks the amount of manual monitoring required.

2. Track Movement Between Areas

Video surveillance systems with analytics capabilities often have a video surround or tracking feature that allows you to smoothly track a subject as they move between areas. Not only is this useful for general security, but it is also essential in an emergency situation.

For example, these capabilities can integrate with nurse call, access control, and other systems to help reduce and manage wandering and elopement in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and long-term care facilities. In this scenario, being able to locate a resident quickly increases staff response time and resident safety.

3. Detect Movement and Heat Signals

Some other beneficial video analytics capabilities are detecting movement and heat signals. This can help monitor and secure your facility when no one is supposed to be there or to monitor secure areas that have limited access. This can be particularly helpful for warehouses in various industries that need to protect and secure high-value storage cages.

If a designated area should not have movement or people in it and video analytics detect movement or heat signals, the system can send a security alert to the appropriate people to help keep your facility secure. Often, cameras with these capabilities can be used inside or outside, which makes them a good component to include along with other perimeter protection technologies.

Because warehouses often need to monitor, secure, and protect inventory, video surveillance systems with perimeter monitoring, motion detection, and heat detection capabilities are some of the essential security solutions for warehouses. They can also help increase warehouse safety and security while reducing and preventing theft.

Directional Changes

In addition to detecting valid motion or movement in designated areas, video analytics can also detect directional changes and identify when a person, vehicle, or another piece of equipment is moving in the wrong direction. For example, if an area is a one-way path, intelligent video analytics can detect when a subject has crossed a threshold or line in the wrong direction. This becomes even more enhanced, efficient, and accurate with geo-enabled analytics.

Mobile Duress

Another useful application of intelligent video analytics is in detecting falls or mobile duress. Intelligent video analytics can detect when a person has fallen or if they are experiencing mobile duress.

In nursing homes, assisted living facilities, long-term care facilities, and healthcare facilities, these video analytics capabilities can help increase resident and patient safety in common areas and increase staff response times. This is also an example of how AI is helping to predict and prevent senior falls.

Running or Loitering

Intelligent video analytics can also detect when a person is running and can send an alert if that is occurring in an area where it shouldn’t or if you need to track a subject as they run through different areas. Video analytics can also detect loitering; specifically, it can monitor and send an alert when a subject has been in a designated area for longer than a specified time.

4. Count and Monitor Objects

Intelligent video analytics are also capable of counting vehicles, people, and other objects. From this, you can generate reports on traffic patterns for vehicles and for people. This is just one of the useful applications of video surveillance solutions.

Comprehensive intelligent video analytics can also monitor objects. They can identify objects that are abnormal and out of place in a specific area. Also, they can detect objects that have been removed as well as abandoned objects that have been left unattended for too long.

5. Detect Faults or Tampering

Intelligent video analytics are also useful for maintaining the integrity of your CCTV and cameras, including security camera placement and view. They can detect faults in the system and alert you of them.

Additionally, they can detect and send tampering alerts when a subject is blocking a camera’s field of view completely or partially or when the camera angle is drastically changed through external force. Intelligent security cameras can also be paired with facial recognition and biometric access control to help prevent biometric spoofing.

Intelligent Video Analytics Enhance Overall Security

These are all benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system that uses top-notch technology to improve security and efficiency. These are a few of the video analytics capabilities that can help you secure and manage your facility more effectively, and improve commercial building security overall.

Every facility’s security needs will be different, so the right mix of security products and system integrations will vary from facility to facility. You may even identify some security features you didn’t know your business needed during a building security assessment.

Thankfully, there are several types of security cameras available, many of which integrate with intelligent video analytics, so you can get the coverage you need for every part of your facility.

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