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5 Ways to Keep Your Video Surveillance Footage Secure

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Effective and integrated video surveillance is an important part of a comprehensive security solution. Because integrated systems and technology are essential elements of security, so is cybersecurity. When it comes to security cameras, you also need to think about how to secure, store, and securely access video footage. Here are a few ways to keep your video surveillance footage secure:

1. Install Security Cameras in the Right Places

Depending on your facility, operations, and state regulations, there are laws when it comes to video surveillance, and they can vary from state to state. On one hand, you need to cover the best places to install security cameras in your business.

However, you also need to do so in compliance with laws and regulations to avoid video surveillance legal breaches. An experienced, reputable security systems integrator can help you navigate products, solutions, and installations that are in compliance with laws regarding privacy, video surveillance, and audio recording in your state.

2. Store Video Surveillance Footage With Secure Cloud Solutions

Cloud storage could be one of the security features you didn’t know your business needed. When it comes to secure storage for video footage, it’s hard to beat secure cloud solutions. Not only does this allow for easy and secure remote monitoring, but it also often adds another layer of security to your data storage and ensures historical footage is still accessible even if something happens to the camera itself.

Cloud solutions also mean that you don’t need to worry about extra equipment on-site or maintenance for it. Plus, depending on what you’re using and how it’s set up, you can also often scale and upgrade the system as needed to adjust settings, allow for more storage, etc. Running out of storage space is one of the signs your security technology needs an upgrade and cloud solutions are often efficient solutions that can help.

3. Practice Good Cybersecurity

Another one of the ways to keep your video surveillance footage secure is to practice good cybersecurity across your organization. Whoever manages and needs to access video surveillance footage will likely be using a secure login to do so.

Changing system passwords and usernames regularly, making sure passwords are complex, and keeping login information safe and secure can go a long way in managing cybersecurity risks and avoiding data breaches.

There are several benefits of integrated security systems. However, the way these are networked can present data security risks. You can further protect your video surveillance data by making sure security cameras are connected to private networks and not public, shared networks. Security cameras equipped with data encryption can also help protect your footage and systems.

4. Opt for Advanced Camera Features

When it comes to CCTV & security cameras, there are a lot of options available. In addition to various types of cameras for different environments, there are also a variety of features and technology to choose from. Opting for advanced camera features and capabilities can improve your video surveillance system quality and also enhance security overall.

5. Update and Maintain Security Cameras and Systems

No matter what types of surveillance cameras you have, it’s important to regularly update the technology running the systems, the technology of the cameras, and the camera components as well. This includes both software and hardware updates.

Not only does this help ensure your tech has the most recent security updates and bug fixes, but it also makes sure that all of your equipment is well-maintained and functioning as intended. This type of review and regular maintenance is just one of the best practices for managing and maintaining security systems that can help keep your building secure and your systems operating efficiently.

Get the Security Your Facility Needs With NEPPS

There are several benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system that make it more than worthwhile to also make sure footage is safe and secure. The right system for your building or facility should also address how footage will be stored and accessed in addition to the ways to keep your video surveillance footage secure.

Choosing the right security systems integrator can help you get the right mix of security products and solutions to meet your facility’s specific needs. In addition to peace of mind, solid integration, and good installation, they can also help you ensure that all of the details and considerations that come with those systems are addressed appropriately.

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