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New Year Security Checklist

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Over time, the security solutions available for your facility will change and the security needs of your facility will also change. It’s important to make sure everything is updated to continue protecting and securing your facility. Because of this, reviewing your facility’s security at the beginning of the year and regularly throughout is a good idea. Here is a New Year security checklist to help you cover the basics:

1. Check Any Current Software for Updates

Most of the best security systems are integrated with technology. They’re often monitored and managed through integrated software platforms, which will need to be updated as updates are released. Outdated software is one of the signs your security technology needs an upgrade.

Part of any New Year security checklist and regularly managing and maintaining security systems should include checking your current software for updates, especially critical security updates or patches. If you have partnered with a systems integrator on a support agreement, they should be helping you handle this on a regular basis.

2. Look Over Any Hardware Components

Fully-integrated security systems contain software and hardware. The physical components can become outdated or damaged over time. So, you also want to make sure you’re regularly checking over your security hardware.

Look for cracks, damage, loose connections, rust, etc. on all components including installation mounts, especially on outdoor components, to determine which are in good shape, which need to be replaced now, and which ones are likely good for the year, but may need to be replaced next year.

This is particularly important and common for any surveillance cameras you have installed. You want to make sure the cameras themselves and the lenses are in good shape, and that they are still securely installed.

3. Review Security Incident Records

With a security policy and solutions in place, you should have records of any security incidents that have occurred the previous year. This is one of the reasons why you need incident management software. Granted, any critical issues or gaps likely would have been addressed shortly after the incident. However, looking over the records with fresh eyes and some distance may help you uncover further potential gaps and improvements that could be made.

You may discover some of the best places to install security cameras aren’t monitored or aren’t monitored well enough. There may also be new technology available that can address the causes behind past incidents that was not available at the time.

4. Complete a New Site Vulnerability Assessment

Although you should be regularly reviewing your facility’s evolving security needs, it’s a good idea to periodically do a completely new site assessment. Pretend your facility does not have security solutions in place and look over it critically.

Get new eyes and perspectives on it and build the security you need from the beginning. Then, compare the “new” plan with your current security solution to identify security features you didn’t know your business needed.

Are there gaps between what you have now and what you have identified that you need? What is lacking that can be improved? What is missing entirely that you need to add? What do you need to implement or upgrade in order to improve building security?

Also, connect with a security systems integrator that you can trust. They will be able to review your facility’s needs and goals, do a site assessment, and determine the right mix of security products and solutions you need to protect your facility.

5. Review Building Maintenance

In addition to looking over security hardware and getting a building vulnerability assessment, it’s also a good idea to review your basic building maintenance. Are the lighting fixtures in good condition? Are there areas of poor lighting that need to be addressed?

Are any gates, fences, etc. in good condition? How are your doors and windows holding up? Are entrances and exits in good shape and free of tripping hazards? Are they reinforced? Do they need to be? What type of access control do you have in place?

Make Sure Your Facility is Protected and Secure

This New Year security checklist is a good place to start, but it may not cover everything specific to your business. Having an experienced security systems integrator look over your facility and current security solutions can help identify gaps, areas that need to be updated, and more.

If it’s been a while since you have reviewed the security of your facility, contact NEPPS at 800-736-1456 for a free site assessment and make sure your facility’s security is up to date.