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5 Ways Nurse Call Systems Improve Patient Safety

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Nurse call systems are an integral part of any healthcare or assisted care facility. Not only do these systems improve communication and efficiency, but they also help improve patient safety. Here are a few ways nurse call systems improve patient safety:

1. They Facilitate Rapid Responses in Critical Situations

An efficient, integrated nurse call system allows staff to claim calls, update statuses, and more. All of this increases response rates, decreases call times, and, most importantly, facilitates rapid responses in critical situations when a fast response can mean the difference between life and death. Choosing the best nurse call system for your facility makes a big difference for staff and for patients.

2. Good Nurse Call Systems Reduce False Alarm Rates

A nursing unit receives 7,000 patient-initiated calls per month on average. A good nurse call system helps staff handle influxes of calls while also reducing call fatigue and reducing false alarms.

By reducing the rate of false alarms, staff efficiency is improved and their time is spent responding to necessary calls. This can help improve patient safety as it means staff is available to respond quickly when and where they are needed.

3. They Reduce Fall Rates and Injuries

Because nurse call systems improve efficiency and reduce response time, they also improve patient satisfaction and confidence. Faster response times are linked with lower fall rates and also fewer injuries from falls when they do occur.

Part of this is because staff are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Part of it is also because patients trust the staff to respond and are confident they will do so. When patients/residents know that help will come when they need it, they are less likely to attempt actions that are likely to result in falls. This is also why advanced nurse call systems are one of the technologies that improve long-term care.

4. Nurse Call Systems Can Help Prevent Wandering and Elopement

Patient/resident wandering and elopement are some of the common security concerns for assisted living facilities. Nurse call systems play a critical role in managing these risks by alerting staff when a patient/resident has wandered into an area they shouldn’t be in or has attempted to exit the facility.

This allows staff to quickly locate the resident, return them to an appropriate area, and prevent elopement from occurring. In addition, wearables and wireless nurse call systems provide patients/residents with more freedom to move around the facility, which increases their independence. In turn, this can help decrease instances of wandering and elopement caused by boredom or restlessness.

5. They Help Streamline Patient Care

Another one of the ways nurse call systems improve patient safety is by streamlining patient care and making the whole process more efficient and accurate. Reliable wireless nurse call systems and other systems improve communication between patients and staff responsible for their care in addition to improving communication between staff.

You can further improve patient experience and satisfaction, improve communications, increase efficiencies, and more by installing an Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) and integrating nurse call. Acute Engagement Care Solutions improve patient care and can further streamline patient information and communications for top-of-the-line care.

Get the Right Nurse Call System For Your Facility With NEPPS

There are essential components of a nurse call system that contribute to a comprehensive system that provides these benefits and efficiencies. All of this allows staff to be in the right place at the right time with the information they need to provide the best possible care quickly and efficiently.

One of the biggest benefits of installing an emergency call system is increasing patient/resident safety, and these are just a few ways nurse call systems improve patient safety. If you are considering adding, updating, or upgrading the nurse call system for your facility, contact NEPPS for a free site assessment!