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How to Protect and Secure Your High-Value Storage Cages

high-value storage cage in industrial server room

High-value storage cages can be used in a variety of applications to help secure and protect high-value items. They have some built-in security features, but how do you protect and secure your high-value storage cages? Whether on a smaller scale to secure high-value items in a retail store or larger-scale cages to secure items in a warehouse, here are some ways to protect and secure your high-value storage cages:

1. Organize High-Value Storage Cages in Secure Areas

In warehouse storage applications, the organization and layout of the warehouse can make a difference. Depending on what other features are present in the facility, you can create secure areas in which you install and organize high-value storage cages to intentionally build in more protection for them.

One of the common ways warehouses accomplish this is by creating secure aisles. Single-deep row racks that are placed against a wall mean that high-value cages, and the items inside them, can only be accessed from one direction. On top of that, you can create these secure aisles in areas of the warehouse where there is only one entry and exit point for a little bit of built-in access control.

If these secure aisles, or high-security lanes, are also placed near supervisor stations or security stations, that can add another deterrent and another layer of inherent security to them. With the addition of other security systems and measures, you can continue to layer security around these areas to further monitor and protect them.

2. Use Multiple Secure Cages

A freestanding storage cage is one way to secure high-value items. Because not all storage areas have space for a freestanding cage, there are multiple types and sizes of rack cages, pallet cages, stillage cages, lockers, small cages, etc. available for storing high-value items.

If you don’t have the space for a freestanding cage, there are other options available that fit into the space you have. And, with all of the options available, including custom sizes, you can also use multiple storage cages to add even more layers of protection for high-value items, especially those that do not need to be moved or accessed often.

Large freestanding cages may be able to accommodate storage racks or lockers with their own sets of small rack cages, locked drawers, secure lockers, and more. It may feel a bit like putting a box inside a box inside a box, but you can’t deny that a high-value item inside a secure locker inside a secure cage inside a large secure containment cage is hard to access.

3. Add Elements of Access Control and Perimeter Protection

Although perimeter protection generally refers to outdoor security and the property outside of a facility, you can take elements of perimeter protection and bring them inside to help create highly secure areas around your high-value storage cages.

Folding gates can be added to high-security lanes to prevent unauthorized access to them. Depending on the value of items stored, level of risk, and other factors, you can also implement other elements of perimeter protection and access control to monitor and control entry into these secure aisles.

4. Place High-Value Cages Out of Reach

In addition to secure areas and added layers of security, you can also install your high-value cages on the upper levels of storage racks or top storage bays. This solution may not work for all high-value items, but it can add an extra deterrent as forklifts or mobile ladders would be needed to access the items in these cages.

5. Make Full Use of Video Surveillance Technology

Comprehensive video surveillance is one of the essential security solutions for warehouses that makes sense for any facility that stores inventory or high-value items. Security camera capabilities and video surveillance technology have also come a long way. Video surveillance alone provides a higher level of security and protection, and when you make full use of the technology available, you can truly enhance and elevate security across your entire facility.

CCTV & security cameras, especially when paired with the right software, have a wide range of capabilities. Security cameras can now go beyond motion and heat signal detection to track movement, identify and track directional changes, count objects, and more. In addition to AI-based learning and video processing, these intelligent video analytics capabilities can protect and secure your high-value storage cages as well as your entire facility.

Upgrade Your Commercial Security With NEPPS

Securing inventory and preventing theft are common security concerns for warehouses, retail stores, and other facilities. Whether out on the floor in a retail store, in a supply room or inventory storage, or in a warehouse, it’s important to protect and secure your high-value cages.

The right mix of security products and commercial security solutions will vary depending on the facility and needs. However, a good security systems integrator can help you get comprehensive security for your entire facility, including high-value items, cages, and more. If it’s time to upgrade or customize your commercial security, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456.