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7 Qualities of Good Security Systems

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There are a lot of elements that go into comprehensive facility security. From individual components and installation to advanced integrations and more, various factors can affect the quality and efficiency of your security solutions. Here are some qualities of good security systems:

1. Good Security Systems Are Customizable

Various facilities and operations are different. Although there may be basic components of every good security system, the best security systems are customizable. The best approach to addressing security concerns for warehouses is not the same as assisted living facilities.

Even within a category like healthcare, there is a lot of variation. Senior living and assisted living facilities and hospitals of all types will have different concerns and needs that security systems for those facilities will need to address. Even similar facilities will have differences that require security solutions customized to them.

Part of choosing the right security systems integrator is getting that customized approach to security for your specific facility, operations, location, and more. They will be able to work with you to address specific needs and cover vulnerabilities to give you the comprehensive facility security you need.

2. They Are Efficient & Reliable

Efficiency and reliability are essential qualities of good security systems. In addition to having the right types of security cameras, other equipment, and systems, you also need to make sure they have all the capabilities you need. From individual hardware components to software and everything in between, quality matters and you need to know that everything is working as intended.

You need to know your security systems will work when you need them to and that they use security frameworks that comply with any applicable laws and regulations. Additionally, they should use industry-certified parts and devices. Security cameras and sensors should have high IP ratings to make sure they can resist the everyday wear and tear and grime that can affect their use.

If you’re using biometric access control, your fingerprint reader needs to be able to work even if it’s raining or there is some dust. Not only does this ensure your facility maintains security, but it can also help cut down on how much maintenance and replacement parts you need over time.

3. Good Security Systems Can Be Integrated

One of the many benefits of integrated security systems is that they are efficient. Comprehensive facility security requires more than one “type” of system. Access control, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, and more are all different security systems your facility may need.

No matter how many different systems your facility needs, they should be able to be integrated into a comprehensive and effective security solution. Video surveillance is great; video surveillance that integrates with access control systems, alert or call systems, and more is even better. Integrating systems like this is one of the best ways to improve building security.

4. They Are Scalable & Accessible

Some necessary qualities of good security systems are that they are scalable and accessible. Security systems should be able to scale and grow with your facility and needs. They should also be accessible. These are some reasons to consider wireless alarm systems for your business and are things to look for in your other systems as well.

Remote monitoring, online dashboards, alerts, and more are all essential components of a nurse call system that are also applicable to other security systems and solutions. Whether it’s managing access control, monitoring security camera footage, or checking in on an alert, your security system should be set up so that you can easily access what you need when you need it.

5. Good Security Systems Have Robust Reporting

Being able to track incidents and make iterative improvements to processes and security are some reasons why you need incident management software. Not only will you be able to track overall incident rates and response, but you will also be able to identify potential security gaps and vulnerabilities.

Robust reporting capabilities are things to look for in incident management software. You can use data from incident management software to add evidence of how well your security system is working. Whether identifying risks and costs that are being avoided or could be avoided, this information can be useful when it comes to security budget planning.

6. They Have Backups in Place

No matter your facility, there are crucial security systems in place. In some facilities, like hospitals, those systems could also be critical to patient safety and protection. Good security systems have redundant power supplies and backups in place to sustain critical life safety & security systems during power outages.

This also applies to any data your security systems collect. Good security systems will have ways to keep video surveillance footage secure and any other data secure as well. Data storage, access, and security, as well as backups for that data, are things that should be addressed with any security system.

7. Good Security Systems Are Properly Installed

You can have the best security products and systems in the world, but if they aren’t properly installed, your facility won’t have the comprehensive security it needs. Proper installation and the peace of mind you get from it are some benefits of using a full-service security systems integrator.

Not only can you rest assured that you have the right mix of security products and systems for your needs, but you also know that they will be installed properly and integrated successfully. The best practices for managing and maintaining security systems don’t stop at installation.

It’s also important for hardware and software to be updated regularly and maintained. There may even be a maintenance plan available through your security system integrator to help manage these updates, give you less to worry about, and ensure your facility continues to have good security systems in place.

Get Comprehensive Security For Your Facility With NEPPS

These are just some of the qualities of good security systems. Whether you are implementing security for a new building or upgrading your existing security systems, a building vulnerability assessment checklist can be a good place to start.

Every facility has individual needs and the right mix of security products, solutions, integrations, etc. will vary. Partnering with an experienced, reputable security systems integrator can help you get the customized approach you need for comprehensive security for your facility.

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