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5 Security Benefits of License Plate Recognition

secure parking garage with license plate recognition cameras

Security cameras equipped with license plate recognition technology have many useful applications and benefits across industries. Various types of facilities and campuses, especially those with vehicle thoroughfares and parking lots, can employ license plate recognition technology to help create a comprehensive security solution. In general, here are some security benefits of license plate recognition:

1. Real-Time Monitoring and Data Analytics

License plate recognition is one of the intelligent video capabilities that offers another layer of protection and security. In addition to monitoring vehicles as they enter and exit and recognizing or capturing license plates, intelligent security cameras can track their movement throughout parking lots and throughways, detect directional changes, and more.

In this way, license plate recognition adds another layer of security and protection. This type of advanced monitoring and real-time monitoring across wide areas improves the overall safety in and around your facility. Plus, you can use the data and analytics capabilities available to review trends and patterns to proactively improve security products, procedures, protocols, etc.

2. Integration With Other Security Systems

Seamless integration with other systems is one of the qualities of good security systems and it’s something you want to look for in video surveillance systems employing license plate recognition technology.

Integrating these systems with other security systems, especially access control systems, can help you monitor, secure, and manage access across large campuses, between facilities, and more.

Using geo-enabled analytics, you can further enhance how cameras track and process directional changes. You can even create specific zones to customize monitoring and alerts and even create high-security zones to immediately capture the license plates of unauthorized vehicles that enter while also triggering security alerts.

3. Perimeter Protection and Parking Management

Securing facility property and the perimeter around it can be a challenge. Between parking bollards, gates, fences, and more, there are many perimeter protection technologies you can use to help secure the area surrounding your facility. By integrating video surveillance with access control, you can use license plate recognition (LPR) cameras to help approve or deny access to a secure parking lot or area.

This is a useful application for any facility or campus that needs to manage and/or monitor access to parking lots. If there are parking permits involved, video surveillance on campus equipped with license plate recognition can be used to automate identification, distinguish between registered and unregistered vehicles, and more to make parking management more efficient. This is one of the reasons why video surveillance, including license plate recognition, is one of the campus security solutions for colleges & universities.

4. Visitor Management and Event Security

Whether through day-to-day operations, specific events, etc., if your facility deals with visitors, you need some sort of visitor management. Pre-registration, visitor screening, integration with access control and other systems, and more are all essential elements of visitor management systems.

If vehicles enter your property or facility, license plate recognition can help identify guest vehicles, screen for registration/check-in, and grant temporary authorized access to those guest vehicles. This helps streamline traffic and parking for events while also maintaining security. Using LPR cameras in this way is one of the best practices for college event security that can be used for other facilities that need to remain secure and manage parking access for events.

5. Crime Deterrent and Prevention

Theft, property damage, and more are common security concerns for warehouses that often apply to any facility or property. These are common security risks and vulnerabilities that comprehensive security solutions must address. Visible security measures act as a deterrent for bad actors.

Often, the presence of CCTV & security cameras and other security measures can help reduce the risk of crime by making it clear that your facility is not an easy target. If vehicles enter your facility or surrounding property or pass by it, security cameras equipped with license plate recognition can be invaluable in helping to prevent crime and assist in any investigations required should an incident occur.

Not only does this assist with investigations, but it also often results in faster resolutions while also reducing the risk of an incident occurring in the first place. This is also one of the reasons why poor image quality, monitoring issues, and a lack of intelligent capabilities can be signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras.

Upgrade Your Facility’s Security Cameras With NEPPS

These are just a few security benefits of license plate recognition technology. License plate recognition is one of the useful applications of video surveillance solutions that can help secure and protect your facility and surrounding property. If you need to upgrade your facility’s video surveillance and other security systems, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456.