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4 Security Features You Didn’t Know Your Business Needed

cctv camera and remote monitoring screens

It can be a challenge to properly and fully secure a facility. There are a lot of things to consider and areas to cover. On top of that, technology evolves over time, and so do your facility’s needs. It’s important to stay ahead and cover any gaps in your facility’s security. Here are a few security features you didn’t know your business needed:

1. Wireless Capabilities

When it comes to security systems and other systems, you often have to make a choice between a hardwired system, a wireless system, or some combination.

Healthcare facilities often face this when evaluating wired vs wireless nurse call systems. Many times, the pros and cons to evaluate are the same for other wired vs wireless systems. Often, the best option depends on the existing infrastructure of your facility.

In a hardwired system, wires need to run to and from each component of the security system. Although there are ways to sustain security systems during power outages, wired systems are vulnerable. There can also be limitations on the placement of security products, which can be an obstacle.

Wireless systems do not tend to have the same limitations. They also tend to be easier to install, scale, maintain, and manage. Wireless components also give you more freedom and flexibility with placement, which allows you to get more security coverage for your facility. More coverage, scalability, and seamless integration are some of the biggest benefits of integrated security systems and wireless components are usually an efficient part of that.

2. Intelligent Video Analytics

Video surveillance is one of the biggest ways to improve building security. And, with the technology available, it’s only gotten more advanced and more effective. In addition to AI capabilities, there are also a lot of other intelligent video analytics capabilities that you can use to further secure your facility.

With the right setup, these systems can automatically track movement between areas, detect heat signals, count objects, and more. AI-based learning is even being used to detect mobile duress to predict and prevent senior falls in assisted living and healthcare facilities. There are a lot of things video analytics can monitor and several ways they can be used to improve the safety and security of your facility and everyone in it.

3. Remote Monitoring

To fully secure your facility, your security system needs to be on and monitoring all the time. Although your facility’s security is important at any time, it becomes even more important during slow hours or after-hours when your facility is vulnerable.

You could hire security guards to patrol and monitor your facility in addition to your video surveillance. But, this isn’t an option for every facility. Plus, guards can’t be everywhere at once. However, your security system can monitor every area of your business simultaneously.

Additionally, with remote monitoring systems, there are extra “eyes” on your business at all times. This can be an alternative to security guards or a backup for them. With remote video monitoring, video analytics will detect suspicious activity or other issues and send alerts to the appropriate sources for resolution. Not only is this an essential security feature, but it’s also useful to have with your perimeter protection technologies as well.

4. Cloud Storage

Video surveillance may be an essential part of any facility’s security, but it’s just as important for you to be able to access and view that data when you need it. That requires data storage, and enough of it. Running out of storage is one of the signs your security technology needs an upgrade. Similar to wired vs wireless systems, you also need to determine local vs cloud storage for your security system’s data.

Cloud-based storage is a popular option and is one of the security features business owners can sometimes overlook. Not only does it require less local equipment and maintenance, but it also allows you to scale, upgrade, and manage the system remotely. In addition, you can often store more data for longer periods of time by using the resources available with cloud-based storage. It is also one of the ways to keep video surveillance footage secure.

Part of managing and maintaining security systems is keeping them updated and making sure you have the features you need to keep your facility secure. These are just a few security features you didn’t know your business needed.

Getting the right mix of security products for your facility is essential and choosing the right security systems integrator can help make sure you get what you need. If you’re looking to improve the security of your facility, contact NEPPS at 800-736-1456 to schedule your free site assessment!