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7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security Cameras

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Comprehensive video surveillance solutions require reliable security cameras to be effective. If your security cameras are installed incorrectly, angled wrong, damaged, or don’t have the capabilities you need, monitoring can be affected and can become ineffective. This can create gaps and vulnerabilities in your security. Regularly reviewing and maintaining your cameras can help ensure your facility stays secure. Here are a few signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras:

1. Security Cameras Are Outdated

One of the biggest signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras is if they are using outdated technology. Depending on how outdated your current cameras are, they may not be able to effectively monitor the area you need, deal with the environment you have, or deliver quality footage. These are common signs your security technology needs an upgrade.

Ensuring your security cameras are newer models with current technology ensures your video surveillance remains effective. Many newer cameras have extensive capabilities, like motion detection, remote monitoring, and more. Some cameras are even capable of counting objects, recognizing license plates, delivering clear footage in low-light environments, and even operating with geo-enabled analytics.

2. Video Surveillance Footage Storage is Outdated or Limited

Effective video surveillance is about more than the cameras; you need enough storage for the footage your cameras capture and it needs to be secure. There are many ways to keep your video surveillance footage secure and one of them is to use the right cameras and backups.

Older cameras and technology stored footage locally or on limited systems so they tend to also have limited storage. Newer technologies, storage options, and backups allow you to store more footage, more securely.

3. CCTV Cameras Deliver Poor Image Quality

If your CCTV cameras are delivering poor image quality, there could be a few things causing it. If it’s something as simple as dirt or debris around the lens and housing, some cleaning and maintenance may be all you need.

However, if the poor image quality is due to using the wrong types of surveillance cameras for the environment, poor installation, extensive damage, or outdated technology and capabilities, then you need to look into repair, replacement, or an upgrade.

4. Security Cameras Don’t Adequately Cover the Area They Need to Monitor

Effective video surveillance relies on security cameras adequately monitoring the areas they are installed to cover. If your security cameras are not adequately covering or monitoring the needed areas, there are gaps in your security.

This can be one of the signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras. It can also be a sign that your CCTV equipment is damaged or installed incorrectly. Proper security camera placement is essential for effective monitoring. If your cameras are newer and have the capabilities you require, it may just be a matter of adjusting the placement and installation or repairing parts if they are damaged.

5. CCTV Cameras Are Malfunctioning

Although quality security cameras are built to last and be durable in various conditions, they do still degrade over time. Older cameras, especially in harsh environments, sustain damage over time and can start to develop faults.

They may start malfunctioning once they sustain enough damage. Security cameras can also start malfunctioning if they are damaged by power surges or extreme weather as well. If CCTV cameras are malfunctioning due to a damaged part, repairing or replacing them will resolve the issue.

If security cameras are malfunctioning due to irreparable damage or outdated technology, it’s a good opportunity to upgrade your cameras as you are replacing them anyway. If you require specific capabilities in order to effectively monitor and secure your facility, upgrading to cameras with the intelligent video analytics capabilities you require can ensure your cameras meet your security needs.

6. Maintaining Your Security Cameras Has Become Expensive

Regularly reviewing and keeping up with maintenance are some best practices for managing and maintaining security systems. Although regular maintenance does carry a cost, it usually provides cost savings in the long run by reducing security risks and extending the lifespan of your security system components.

Ignoring maintenance and repairs for security systems is one of the common security mistakes businesses make. The other side of this is continuing to repair parts on a degraded system when it needs to be upgraded. If your security cameras have started requiring more frequent replacement parts and maintenance has become cost-prohibitive, it’s one of the signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras.

Newer models tend to be more reliable and durable. Many of them are also built to require less ongoing maintenance than older models. All of this can help to reduce maintenance costs in the long run while also ensuring your security stays effective.

7. Video Surveillance Systems Don’t Allow For Remote Monitoring

In addition to outdated cameras and technology, another one of the signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras is if they only allow for on-site monitoring. Automated monitoring and alerts can be helpful when someone isn’t on-site to actively monitor camera footage.

But, this can still put limits on your video surveillance capabilities and create gaps in your facility security. Video surveillance systems and security cameras that allow for remote monitoring close these security gaps, reduce those potential security risks, and can also help reduce false alarms.

Upgrade Your Facility’s Security Cameras With NEPPS

There are many benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system, but your cameras need to be in good shape and installed and configured correctly for you to get those benefits. If you see any of the common signs it’s time to upgrade your security cameras as you review and maintain your systems, make sure you repair, replace, and upgrade them as needed to improve and maintain your facility security. If you need to upgrade your security cameras or install and configure a comprehensive video surveillance system for your facility, contact NEPPS at 1-800-736-1456.