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5 Useful Applications of Video Surveillance Solutions

parking lot with video surveillance notice sign on the fence

Security cameras and video surveillance technology have come a long way, and continue to improve and evolve. Not only has this significantly enhanced building security, but it has also expanded the potential applications for video surveillance. Here are some useful applications of video surveillance solutions:

1. License Plate Recognition

There are several types of surveillance cameras that offer various capabilities. Not every security camera is a good fit for every environment, so it’s important to evaluate the environment you want to monitor and then get a camera with the right specs to effectively monitor it.

Security cameras monitoring an outdoor parking area or even a parking garage for perimeter protection need to be able to handle outdoor weather, changing light levels, and more. The right outdoor security cameras will be able to adjust to these things and accurately detect movement, track people or objects, and even capture clear, detailed imaging on license plates.

License plate recognition is one of the intelligent video analytics capabilities available. Video surveillance equipped with this capability can automatically detect license plates and adjust as needed to focus on them and get clear footage.

This can help improve security in any area where traffic, vehicle movement, or vehicle access needs to be monitored. In some applications, it is paired with environmental monitoring and protection to help prevent illegal dumping, prevent contamination of natural resources, provide protection for endangered species or protected areas, etc. These are just some security benefits of license plate recognition technology.

2. Fall Monitoring and Prevention

In hospitals, healthcare facilities, senior living communities, and assisted living facilities, falls can cause serious injuries to patients or residents. There are many technologies that improve long-term care and fall monitoring is one of them.

In addition to fall monitoring products, there are also other fall monitoring and prevention methods that can be integrated with wander management solutions, access control systems, video surveillance, and more.

Through integration with video surveillance, AI is helping to predict and prevent senior falls. In this application, video surveillance monitors for mobility and visual cues that indicate a fall. Through nurse call or emergency call systems, alerts go out for assistance to help prevent them.

3. Inventory Management

Cameras equipped with intelligent video surveillance capabilities can be used for inventory management and security. These cameras are capable of monitoring and counting objects. Not only can they count objects, but they can also identify objects that are out of place. These are just some benefits of a comprehensive video surveillance system.

Additionally, they can identify when objects have been removed from a designated area, and even identify objects that have been unattended for too long. Cameras with these capabilities can also integrate with other systems to be able to send out alerts; something as simple as a low inventory alert to prompt reordering can make a big difference. This type of efficiency is one of the benefits of effective asset management in healthcare and other applications.

This type of video surveillance technology is one of the essential security solutions for warehouses. It’s also an application that can be used in retail environments to monitor and prevent theft. Any application that requires item storage and organization can benefit from this type of video surveillance.

4. Detecting and Tracking Movement

Video surveillance can also be used to detect heat signals, detect movement, and even track movement. Cameras can be programmed to identify and track directional changes, running or loitering, mobile duress, and more. With geo-enabled analytics, cameras can accomplish even more.

They can even detect something moving in the wrong direction on a one-way path, when something has crossed a designated threshold in the wrong direction, track a subject across multiple areas, etc. Not only is this useful for high-security or restricted areas, but it can also be a useful application for moving large objects, maneuvering heavy equipment, assessing traffic flow in retail stores or outdoor malls, and more.

This is also a useful technology for wildlife and resource research and management. Outdoor cameras equipped with this technology can help monitor, track, and protect endangered species or habitats.

5. Maintenance and Risk Management

With the technology available, video surveillance systems can be configured to monitor, track, and detect for a wide variety of applications. There are also applications of AI in video surveillance that continue to add capabilities and enhance efficiency. Security cameras alone offer risk management and can help deter theft and other threats, protect property, protect a business or entity from false claims, and more. They can even be configured to assist with maintenance.

Some video surveillance systems come equipped with tampering alerts or equipment failure alerts. Not only does this help you maintain your security systems, but it can also help you maintain your facility and protect it. Cameras can identify and send alerts for an unattended bag in a high-traffic area, a burnt-out light in a stairwell, running water or pooled water that indicates flooding or a leak, and more.

Get Comprehensive Security for Your Facility With NEPPS

These are just a few useful applications of video surveillance solutions that demonstrate the flexibility and scalability of their use. Although every use case may not be relevant for improving building or facility security, there are several applications and capabilities that can be integrated with other security systems to provide comprehensive security and protection.

The right mix of security products and integrations will vary across facilities and the approach should be customized specifically to a facility/operation to provide complete protection. Choosing the right security systems integrator can help you get comprehensive security for your facility. Contact NEPPS at 800-736-1456 to start a free site assessment.