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4 Ways to Maintain Access Control Systems

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Access control systems help manage who has access to your facility and how. When installed correctly and maintained, they are essential parts of comprehensive security. It’s important to monitor and maintain them to ensure they are working properly. Here are a few ways to maintain access control systems to ensure they continue protecting your facility:

1. Start With a Good Installation

There are several factors to consider in an access control system and tons of options and customizations available. Because each facility’s needs are different, the right mix of products, customizations, and integrations will vary from facility to facility.

In addition to ensuring you have the right components and system you need, one of the best ways to maintain the integrity of access control systems is to make sure they are installed properly in the first place. Start by working with an experienced security systems integrator who can provide the products you need along with installation, integration, and setup that you can trust.

2. Regularly Inspect Components and Software

There are many benefits of enterprise access control systems, but your system needs to work correctly in order to provide them. Between hardware and software, many issues can pop up over time that can affect security system integrity.

This is why regularly inspecting components and software for your systems and solutions is one of the best practices for managing and maintaining security systems. For access control systems, here are a few specifics to address:

Check Access Control Points

Doors are the most common entry or exit points, but they may not be the only place you have access control points in place. Issues with a door frame or other damage to a door can create system integrity issues with your access control even though it is not an issue with the system or technology itself.

Whether doors, windows, gates, fences, or other perimeter protection, it’s important to regularly check these components for damage, wear and tear, or other issues that could impact your access control system integrity.

Look Over Hardware

In addition to the access control points themselves, you also want to regularly inspect and look over all hardware components of locks and electronic access control. You want to keep an eye out for any issues that indicate degradation or damage that requires repairs. You also want to take care of preventative maintenance as well to help extend the working life of your hardware.

Start with a visual inspection of all associated components. Make sure door locks and any types of readers are in good shape. If you have biometric access control, make sure you look over and test the screen and all associated components. Take the time to clean components to remove dirt, debris, dust, and any other build-up.

There are many components of biometric access control systems and other types of access control systems. Also, take the time to run full operational tests as well as individual tests to ensure all components work appropriately alone and together as a system. Additionally, do PSU (power supply unit) and battery checks, update associated logs with the test results, and replace any units that require it.

Update Software

The database and software that is part of your access control system require regular maintenance as well. As you look over the physical components of your system, also check in on the software components to make sure your software is up to date and that it has the capabilities you need.

If your current access control system software is outdated and no longer able to meet your needs, it’s time to consider upgrading to a newer system that allows you to have the customizations and integrations you need to keep up with comprehensive security for your facility.

In addition, make sure your technology is updated enough to effectively run the software you need. If your technology is outdated and is causing operational issues, your access control system integrity can take a hit. This is a sure sign your security technology needs an upgrade.

3. Review Access Credentials and Reports

In addition to keeping both hardware and software updated, it’s also important to regularly review access credentials and reports. No matter what types of access control readers you have, you will need to manage and maintain credentials for who is granted entry for them.

Lost cards and keys, forgotten codes, outdated codes, etc. are all things that should be addressed in the moment. If access needs to be revoked or access levels changed, those credentials will need to be updated accordingly. Alarm logs, security camera footage, and more can provide information on issues with credentials, unauthorized entries, and also potential operational issues.

On whatever schedule makes sense for your facility, it’s a good idea to review existing credentials, reference reports, and look over change logs to ensure that everyone has the access they should and no one has access that shouldn’t. Robust reporting that provides this information is one of the qualities of good security systems and can be a valuable resource for maintaining the system integrity of your access control.

4. Invest in a Maintenance Support Plan

Regularly maintaining security systems and solutions is essential, and it can be time-consuming. Instead of including it in your overall facility management, you can save time and get peace of mind by opting for a support and maintenance plan with your security systems integrator. This can also be something to look for when choosing the right security systems integrator for your facility and needs.

Not only are they familiar with your facility and the details of your system, but you also have the benefit of working with someone you know and trust. This overall efficiency on the maintenance side and peace of mind on your site are just some of the benefits of using a full-service security systems integrator.

Get the Right Access Control For Your Facility With NEPPS

A lack of regular maintenance and updates is one of the common security mistakes businesses make. With these ways to maintain access control systems, you can avoid this mistake and maintain system integrity. If your system is outdated or showing wear, it may be time to upgrade it or update or replace components.

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