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4 Reasons Why Property Managers Need Commercial Building Security Solutions

security surveillance at office building entrance

From building maintenance and services to customer service, tenant safety, and more, property managers handle a lot when it comes to the commercial buildings in their portfolio. The security of their office buildings and other commercial properties is just one aspect, but it has far-reaching effects and big consequences if it’s not implemented. Here are some of the biggest reasons why property managers need commercial building security solutions:

1. Prioritize Tenant Safety

The right integration of security solutions for your office building or commercial property helps you prioritize tenant safety. Not only does this give peace of mind to your tenants who rent space in your building, but it also provides peace of mind for you.

Access control solutions, video surveillance, and more are essential elements of visitor management systems and can all help you with visitor management. You will be able to limit and manage who has access to the building, which parts of the building, and when. Plus, you will be able to monitor and respond quickly should an issue arise.

2. Protect Property

In addition to providing a safe environment for your commercial tenants, commercial building security solutions also help you protect the property. Although residences are at a higher risk of property crime than commercial buildings, theft, property damage, vandalism, and more are all real threats to the buildings in your portfolio.

With the right mix of products and a good system integration, you can reduce these risks and monitor and protect your property 24/7. These are just a few benefits of commercial security solutions.

3. Reduce Liability Risk

One of the most common reasons why property managers need commercial building security solutions is because they are liable for what happens in their buildings. This is also one of the common campus security concerns for colleges & universities.

From a risk and insurance standpoint, it is your responsibility to ensure a safe environment in your buildings, maintain the property, protect the property, etc. Plus, one of the big benefits of enterprise access control systems is that you can protect one building or multiple buildings and locations within an efficient system.

The other benefits and efficiencies gained with comprehensive building security are some of the benefits of integrated security systems. With good security solutions in place, you can reduce your liability risk and may even be able to see some savings on your insurance premiums because of it.

Depending on your building, the security measures you’re taking, and more, you may even be able to access other types of coverage, increased limits, or other discounts that you would not be eligible for without security solutions in place.

4. Increase Building Value and Appeal

Because good security protects a property and the people inside, a complete and efficient security solution for your commercial building can increase its value and also its appeal to potential tenants while also improving building security.

Not only does this allow you to stay competitive with rent/lease agreements, but it can also help you reduce vacancies. With office vacancies at 18.2% across industries, doing what you can to reduce vacancies in your commercial buildings is to your benefit.

Additionally, it can help increase tenant satisfaction and help you provide better customer service to your tenants. All of this helps you get tenants in your office spaces and helps you retain them long-term.

These are a few reasons why property managers need commercial building security solutions. Every building has unique needs and the right mix of security products needed to meet them will vary. If you need security for your office building or commercial property, contact NEPPS for a free site assessment!