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Dahua Technology has been innovating security camera offerings for over 20 years. Founded with a vision for providing improved offerings to the market, Dahua has continued to maintain our focus on the importance of innovation and continual advancement in the security industry. Dahua's goal is to provide our customers with offerings that can help them grow their business in an ever-changing technology landscape.
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8 Ways to Improve Commercial Building Security

Good security is essential for all commercial buildings and operations. Here are a few ways to improve commercial building security:

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Dahua Temperature Monitoring & Face Recognition

The Dahua temperature monitoring and face recognition system can help you create an effective visitor management solution that reduces risk, protects employees, and increases facility safety & security. By fully integrating facial recognition and body temperature monitoring, the system is autonomous, which means no additional staff is required to operate or manage it.

This system integrates seamlessly with third-party products, like VMS and turnstiles, and it is contactless to reduce the risk of cross-infection. The temperature monitoring and facial recognition work quickly, which reduces access congestion and contributes to easier social distancing at access points. Additionally, historical access is easy with the extensive storage of temperature information and facial images.