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jnl Technologies is a leading provider of nurse call and resident monitoring technology in the senior housing market. jnl has 25 years of hands-on experience in aging, health care, nurse call, remote monitoring and wander management technology. Quantum, created by jnl, is a unified and unique seamless nurse call, access control, and wander management system with built in robust software and reporting modules that are exceptional and user friendly. Using a network of vetted and trained partners, JNL offers fully-featured senior safety technology to long-term care communities throughout the United States.

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Quantum Mobile

Quantum Mobile is a comprehensive smartphone app for monitoring, communication, and alerting. This full-featured alternative to pagers can help reduce response times, eliminate redundancy, and improve caregiver efficiency. Quantum Mobile also allows staff members to claim the alerts they are responding to for increased efficiency. If a claim alarm should go unanswered for a specified time, it will remove the claim and notify all staff that attention is still needed.

Reporting Features:

  • The Quantum server documents all activity with this mobile application, including detailed records of all staff members who received the alarm, who claimed the alarm and the alarm response time.
  • Additionally, resident wellness check-in reports can be accessed from Quantum Mobile, allowing staff to quickly verify the welfare of your residents.


Transmitter Test: Quantum Mobile can be used to monitor the status and battery of Quantum wanderer transmitters,without disturbing the resident.


Safehealth Self-Screening & Visitor Management Solution

Create an electronic screening record of anyone entering your property with the SafeHealth Solution and eliminate the need for additional staff and the cost to manage health screening paperwork. This 15″ commercial-grade touch screen Kiosk enables visitors, staff and vendors to self-screen by following the prompts and recording the results electronically.

SafeHealth’s software allows unlimited customized questions so you may comply to specific local requirements, while assisting with identifying potential health threats prior to access into your facility. This software integrates with Body Temperature Cameras and Access Control Systems, so failure on either the questionnaire and/or the Temperature Scanner will result in failure of access and an email/text message alert.

  • Multiple kiosks can operate together, for multiple points of entry. The kiosk can be mounted on a desk, wall or free standing.
  • The SafeHealth server can run in the cloud, on-site or with your existing virtual server environment.
  • The data recorded by the system exists only on a dedicated server and is not shared with any other user or third party.
  • Guests can self-register, sign in, and answer health screening or compliance questions on the touch screen kiosk. When sign in is complete, the system can print an adhesive name badge to identify and record the guest information.


Quantum Wander Management

The Quantum Door Control System is a single comprehensive platform designed to provide complete wander management and door access control. Door functionality can be managed from any local web browser by utilizing an IP network. In the event of a network outage, your facility is still managed with door-level database redundancy allowing uninterrupted operation with event history logging.

The Door Access Controller, the heart of the system, is a color touch screen display at each door indicating status and enables control of the system, such as:

  • Alarms reset with staff key fob and logged to their profile
  • Family can escort their wander resident through permitted doors
  • Wander bands & access key fobs are managed in the same software

Built-in Software is designed to be quick and user friendly to easily:

  • Manage resident wander bands
  • Add staff, resident, and visitor key fobs
  • Manage door lock/unlock schedules
Quantum Wireless Nurse Call

Quantum Nurse Call System is comprehensive, scalable and can support the option of Quantum Door Control for additional access control functionality. Quantum’s built in software provides ease of monitoring and management of all system activity from any local web browser, with a robust reporting engine gaining insight into the operation and patterns of your facility.

Fully configurable, and UL2560 compliant, Quantum’s wireless network offers various alerting options as well as integration with existing systems enabling consolidating of alerting and reporting under one platform!

Nurse Call Systems

Quantum Access Control

Quantum Access Control system is a robust comprehensive system, scalable in coverage from one door to multiple buildings or multiple campuses. Quantum’s user friendly software functionality and wizard based management allows control remotely from any web browser, with a reporting engine to easily gain insight into the operation and a business patterns of your business.

Door Controller Available in a door-side touchscreen or an embedded controller based format, the Quantum controllers can be preconfigured for e client installation. In the event of a network outage, the controller maintains full functionality and event logging until connectivity is restored.

Credentialing Options Accommodate staff, residents and visitors with easy to program access control credentials; including card, key chain fob and thin adhesive disc to adhere to existing staff id.

Server Options Quantum Access Control has multiple server options, ranging from a local server supporting one building to redundant high performance servers for multiple campuses. VMWare appliance and Cloud Options are available as well.


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