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People are moved by the human voice. So we've developed the finest radio communication technology connecting people anywhere and everywhere. Voices continue to shape the world, and KENWOOD continues to shape the future of communication.

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Kenwood Radios

Kenwood two-way radios are an ideal solution for reliable business communications in many industries, including construction, facility management, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and warehousing. Kenwood has a variety of radios to fit your needs, from the smallest pocket size 4 channel, 1.5 watt radio to 16 channel, 5 watt digital radio, offering both analog and digital modes to allow your facility a cost effective transition from a legacy system to advanced digital technology.

Benefits: 20% more effective coverage than analog; Low noise for superior clarity; Inherent secured voice, Durable, yet compact and light; Easy to operate; High-powered audio delivery; Up to 22 hours use per battery charge w/battery save on.

No monthly airtime bills – This cost effective solution pays for itself in 3-4 months in manpower efficiency savings.


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