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RBH has been designing and manufacturing Enterprise Access Control and Security Management systems for Canadian and International markets since 1995. They take pride in delivering high innovation levels and feature quality software, hardware and identification devices. Combining access control, burglar alarm, keypad armng stations, and monitoring functionality into an unprecedented controler, RBH continuously invests in research and development, designing and manufacturing these components under one roof to ensure quality and advanced design.

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RBH Access Control

Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. Whether it’s securing access to the site or controlling access to buildings and elevators, once on-site security issues can arise almost anywhere. Regarding security features such as Access Control, Elevator Control, and Photo ID, Northeast harnesses RBH to meet your security management needs easily and economically with minimal training.


Video Surveillance on Campus: Where Universities Should Place Security Cameras

There will be unique needs with video surveillance on campus. In general, here’s where universities should place security cameras:

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