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Securitas Healthcare provides over 5,000 acute care hospitals and 12,000 long-term care organizations with enterprise solutions that transform safety, security, and operational efficiency. The Securitas Healthcare solutions enable customers to achieve organizational excellence and superior care in the following critical areas: Security & Protection, Safety, Environmental Monitoring, and Supply Chain & Asset Management. Their solutions are complemented by consulting, training, implementation, and integration services.

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Securitas Healthcare Arial Emergency & Nurse Call Solutions

Securitas Healthcare offers the widest range of reliable and accurate emergency and nurse call solutions with both wired and wireless options and solutions certified to meet UL 1069 and UL 2560 regulatory requirements.

Securitas Arial Wireless E-Call helps you build an accurate and reliable emergency and nurse call solution with extensive alerting, reporting, and notification capabilities provide better visibility into residents needs.

Arial not only provides industry-standard tools to help caregivers respond quickly to calls for help, but also offers advanced capabilities that communities can use to engage and empower caregivers, improve workflow and staff productivity, and improve the overall resident experience.


Securitas RoamAlert

Securitas Healthcare’s RoamAlert is a flexible wander management solution. It gives you the necessary tools to protect your residents wherever and whenever they need it. RoamAlert is flexible so you can customize it to your needs. Whether it’s simple perimeter protection with one or two doors or a community-wide system, you can expand and scale to the resident locating and wander management solution you need.

At only a third of an ounce, one inch across, and with no hard edges, the RoamAlert tag is designed with comfort and safety in mind. It is small, lightweight, and safe for even the most delicate skin. This also makes it comfortable for residents to wear. Plus, because it is so small and lightweight, residents will barely notice it.

Securitas EL Series Magnetic Locks

Securitas EL Series Magnetic Locks can help you create an efficient access control system that increases security for any building or facility. These locks are a low-cost electronic lock alternative that can help you reduce keying costs while still providing an extra level of security with both internal and external access control options.

With these electronic locks, you can add or delete users at any time for effective user management and access control. Additionally, they are available in a standalone or wireless version. The standalone lock option does not require additional software. Standalone locks can be converted to wireless with a flexible upgrade kit.

The wireless option uses an Intelli-M software system that allows you to keep track of users with an audit trail. Both options are easy to install. Because these locks do not rely on building power to operate, access control will not be interrupted during a power outage.

Securitas Foresite

Securitas Healthcare’s Foresite Proactive Health and Predictive Fall Management Solution helps increase patient safety in healthcare and senior living facilities. This solution’s artificial intelligence and learning algorithms identify patients at high risk by identifying changes in their health condition. Foresite then incorporates a multi-factor analysis to calculate their fall risk, and provides proactive insights.

Using these insights, clinicians and administrators can help prevent falls, which helps increase patient safety, provide high-quality resident care, and increase operational efficiencies. Intelligent fall prevention technology can help increase the quality of life and longevity of residents.



Securitas WanderGuard Blue

WanderGuard Blue, the next generation of wander management, is based on advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology that allows for simple, remote configuration with the use of a mobile application. Its integrated technology requires fewer components, streamlining the installation process and decreasing the cost, while its design is aesthetically pleasing.

WanderGuard Blue provides more than wander management functionality — it also has access control functionality to ensure the safety and security of everyone in your senior living community.


  • Door Controller Controller, exciter and antenna in one, configured via the Wanderguard Blue Mobile Application.
  • Indoor Keypad Access the door with visitor, bypass or user pin codes.
  • Resident Tag Low frequency receiver and Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter. One of the smallest wander tag on the market with 90-day or 3-year battery life.
  • Mobile Application Configure and Manage Tags and Door Controller settings and events, and more.
  • Detector Convenient wireless tag activation and wander tag battery tester

WanderGuard Blue Geofencing – Improved resident safety with location-based wander management with interior wander notification zones, area designation and special area protection.




AeroScout Staff Protection

The AeroScout Staff Protection solution provides healthcare workers with a portable means to call for help for themselves, colleagues or patients from anywhere in the hospital. Designed as a mission-critical enterprise system, the AeroScout solution helps create an atmosphere of safety for workers while enabling hospitals to reduce risk and financial exposure associated with workplace violence. AeroScout uses Wi-Fi based wireless technology to protect staff members in high-risk areas such as the ED, with the ability to locate staff anywhere in the hospital. Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi tag, typically worn attached to their hospital ID badge.

Benefits:24/7 protection for staff hospital-wide using existing infastructure; Reduced exposure to adverse events and better staff relations; Peace of mind and increased job satisfaction for staff

Securitas Passport

The Securitas Healthcare Patient Security solution provides individualized protection for adult patients at risk of wandering or elopement. Each patient has a unique tag and a re-attachable band for easy transport with an automatic re-enroll feature.

Multiple software options match this unique tag to the patient to allow for smooth patient transfer and easy patient tracking and locating. Plus, Securitas Passport offers customizable security and personalized protection based on each patient’s age and risk profile.

Securitas Pedz

The Securitas Healthcare Pediatric Security Solution is designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction and from patient flight. It’s the only system specifically designed for this function. A comfortable, re-attachable band is designed for older children, which makes transport and transfer easy.

Each band has a unique tag and an automatic re-enroll feature. Multiple software options match this unique tag to the patient to allow for easy patient tracking and locating. Plus, you can personalize protection as needed based on the patient’s age and risk profile.

Securitas Kisses

A simple addition of a software license makes the Kisses tag compatible with an existing Hugs system. A compact Kisses tag is assigned to each mother and is bonded to her infant’s Hug tag at birth.

The tags remain bonded throughout the hospital stay and the Hugs tag will automatically check for a match whenever a baby is brought to a mother. If the match is incorrect, an audible alarm sounds and a notification message is sent to the system.

Like the Hugs tag, the Kisses tag is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and patient-friendly. The tags do not come in pre-matched sets, which means they are re-usable within the system. Additionally, tags support multiple births with no extra steps required.

Securitas Hugs

The threat of infant abduction from healthcare facilities is a major concern. Hospitals, once allowing open friendly access, are now forced to increase security and limit public access, including birthing and pediatric units. New developments in the art of infant protection systems provide for a safer and secure environment. Installation of an Infant Protection system will enable caregivers and parents to have complete confidence against such threats.


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