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Founded in 2008, Sure-Response, Inc., is an independently owned and operated manufacturer and dealer, specializing in staff communications for healthcare, retail and hospitality markets. Providing unique product offerings from their proprietary line of products as well as partnering with other manufacturers. Sure-Response improves staff communication by developing proprietary staff to staff communications tools and combining nursing call systems to improve patient safety and care.

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Sure Response Radios

Small, powerful, and light-weight, Sure-Response is the answer to the increased demand for smaller, yet affordable methods of reliable communication in the healthcare and senior living facility. Sure-Response two way radio communication is designed to connect your entire operation safely and securely integrating seamlessly with your hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes’ current wireless nurse call system. These lightweight, compact walkie talkies ensure greater coverage for more efficient communication, translating into better service and conditions for your staff and facility.

Benefits:Easy to conceal and carry; Longer battery life; Radio programming, group call communication


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