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WaveWare Technology

WaveWare Technologies is a Garland, Texas based corporation that provides engineering services, information management systems, and wireless communication hardware. Our core products include the manufacturing of data protocol conversion and alert management systems, smartphone messaging apps, radio paging systems, and the distribution of alerting system accessories such as pagers, wireless sensors, and LED display boards. WaveWare Technologies helps customers achieve cost effective wireless messaging solutions, continuously incorporating the needs of the marketplace into our product offerings.

From Our Collection

Waveware Pagers

Enhance Mobile Alert Responses within your facility – automatically manage and transmit Active Alerts to industry standard on-site POCSAG Pagers (no monthly fees), as well as monitor Nurse Call Systems, including Inovonics and Bluetooth LE Wireless Sensor Signals.

Benefits: Radio Text Paging – Smart Phone Messaging – Browser Messaging – Email Messaging – Wireless Call Systems; VOIP Solutions; Fire Alarm Monitoring Panels; Alarm Contact Monitoring Systems


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