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Access Control

Controlling access to your organization, your people, and your equipment is paramount to protecting your most valuable assets. NEPPS offers a variety of access control solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your facility regarding access management of patients/residents, guests, employees, and contractors, including door controllers and a variety of readers, cards, and key fobs.


From Our Collection

Avigilon Access Control

Avigilon access control systems are flexible and can scale to your specific needs as your business needs change. Aviglilon offers two main access control systems. Access Control Manager (ACM is an enterprise system and ACM Embedded Controller is an entry-level system.

Both systems are easy to use. In fact, they are 100% browser-based, so no software installation is required. They are ready-to-deploy solutions that give you the security you need quickly and easily.

Yale Access Control Real Living Access w/Cloud Based Software

Cloud-Based Accentra Multi-Family Software allows for easy management of access rights for residents, guests, maintenance staff and employees within one site, or multiple sites.

This dedicated web-based software accessible from any internet-connected device is designed to eliminate costs and maintenance of on-site servers while ensuring a facilities database is always accessible.

With user-friendly technology and effortless integration into your facility, Yale’s multi-family solution provides property managers and residents enhanced security and convenience with this high security innovative sleek solution.

Yale Accentra Cloud-Based Software manages the Yale multi-family solution, including:

  • nexTouch with data-on-card for common areas and exterior doors
  • Yale Assure data-on-card digital deadbolts and interconnected locks for residence doors
  • Credential Updater for electrified openings, such as main entrances or parking garages


  • Increase security with easy and fast deployment
  • Intuitive interface that requires minimal training
  • Allows easy management for resident, guest, and employee access across multiple properties with audit trails
  • Allows for remote scheduling of unlock times for facilities
  • Allows distribution of one-time PINs (OTPs) for unit lockout, lost cards, or emergency access.


Quantum Access Control

Quantum Access Control system is a robust comprehensive system, scalable in coverage from one door to multiple buildings or multiple campuses. Quantum’s user friendly software functionality and wizard based management allows control remotely from any web browser, with a reporting engine to easily gain insight into the operation and a business patterns of your business.

Door Controller Available in a door-side touchscreen or an embedded controller based format, the Quantum controllers can be preconfigured for e client installation. In the event of a network outage, the controller maintains full functionality and event logging until connectivity is restored.

Credentialing Options Accommodate staff, residents and visitors with easy to program access control credentials; including card, key chain fob and thin adhesive disc to adhere to existing staff id.

Server Options Quantum Access Control has multiple server options, ranging from a local server supporting one building to redundant high performance servers for multiple campuses. VMWare appliance and Cloud Options are available as well.

RBH Access Control

Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. Whether it’s securing access to the site or controlling access to buildings and elevators, once on-site security issues can arise almost anywhere. Regarding security features such as Access Control, Elevator Control, and Photo ID, Northeast harnesses RBH to meet your security management needs easily and economically with minimal training.


How to Prevent Biometric Spoofing

It’s important to be aware of biometric spoofing and to address it in your security processes. Here’s how to prevent biometric spoofing:

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