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CCTV & Cameras

The following video management hardware and software solutions cover a variety of application needs, from robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for more sensitive environments, and offer a wide range of capabilities, including HDTV, wide dynamic range, panoramic views, and more, such as intelligent video analytics capabilities.

From Our Collection

Axis Video Products

Axis offers a wide portfolio of IP-based video products and solutions designed specifically for video and security surveillance. All products, including access control products, video encoders, security cameras, accessories, and more, are based on open industry standards.

Avigilon Video Surveillance

Avigilon designs and manufactures innovative, high-definition surveillance solutions featuring self-learning video analytics to protect and monitor diverse locations with exceptional image clarity for critical infrastructure.

When utilized with megapixel cameras superior image quality is delivered with broad coverage and detailed focus to quickly respond to events. Avigilon solutions allow for customization and scalability for a cost-effective surveillance solution that can work as a stand-alone system or with your existing system(s) to enhance current capabilities.

Honeywell MaxPro NVR

Honeywell MaxPro NVR & Video Surveillance solutions can help increase security across various applications in small to medium installations. MaxPro NVR uses Honeywell’s high-definition cameras as part of a high-definition, powerful IP recording system and viewing client.

It is an open platform that supports integrations with a broad range of third-party devices. It supports ONVIF and PSIA, including Profile S devices, native device integrations, including 360-degree camera support, and real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) standard.

Mobile apps, web clients, and desktop clients allow you to easily manage the system from whatever device works best for you. As long as adjacent cameras cover the area, you can use the Video Surround feature to track subjects as they move between areas with a simple double-click on the panel where they are visible.


Video Surveillance on Campus: Where Universities Should Place Security Cameras

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