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For those who need more than a standard lock and key, NEPPS offers solutions that provide you with an extra level of security, control, and peace of mind. Easy to install and affordable for smaller businesses, the following options are ideal for many applications, including multi-family units, assisted living and nursing homes, medical office buildings, educational institutions, and more.

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Securitas EL Series Magnetic Locks

Securitas EL Series Magnetic Locks can help you create an efficient access control system that increases security for any building or facility. These locks are a low-cost electronic lock alternative that can help you reduce keying costs while still providing an extra level of security with both internal and external access control options.

With these electronic locks, you can add or delete users at any time for effective user management and access control. Additionally, they are available in a standalone or wireless version. The standalone lock option does not require additional software. Standalone locks can be converted to wireless with a flexible upgrade kit.

The wireless option uses an Intelli-M software system that allows you to keep track of users with an audit trail. Both options are easy to install. Because these locks do not rely on building power to operate, access control will not be interrupted during a power outage.

Securitas Delayed Egress Magnetic Locks

Securitas Delayed Egress Magnetic Locks can be an effective addition to an efficient access control system for any building. These locks are built specifically for use on internal fire doors and perimeter exit doors to prevent unauthorized entry and exit while also providing a safe emergency exit during a fire or other catastrophic emergency.

These delayed egress locks provide an “egress cycle” and a “nuisance cycle”. When they receive a signal from the Fire Alarm Panel, they sound an alarm and unlock immediately. The doors will stay unlocked with active alarms as long as the fire alarm is active. Outside of an emergency situation, the doors remain locked. If someone attempts to exit a door locked with delayed egress locks, an alarm sounds, which alerts staff before the door unlocks.

Not only does this provide more security for the facility and the people within, but it can also be an additional layer of security and wander management in healthcare or senior living facilities. Additionally, all electronics are built into the lock’s wiring compartment. This makes it easy for them to be installed in new construction and also to be retrofitted into existing structures.


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