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In emergency situations, up-to-date information is key to keeping everyone safe. Whether a natural disaster, intruder alerts, or evacuation procedures, the use of emergency call systems ensures pertinent information is delivered automatically in as many ways as possible to those most likely to be affected.

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Securitas Healthcare Arial Emergency & Nurse Call Solutions

Securitas Healthcare offers the widest range of reliable and accurate emergency and nurse call solutions with both wired and wireless options and solutions certified to meet UL 1069 and UL 2560 regulatory requirements.

Securitas Arial Wireless E-Call helps you build an accurate and reliable emergency and nurse call solution with extensive alerting, reporting, and notification capabilities provide better visibility into residents needs.

Arial not only provides industry-standard tools to help caregivers respond quickly to calls for help, but also offers advanced capabilities that communities can use to engage and empower caregivers, improve workflow and staff productivity, and improve the overall resident experience.


Quantum Wireless Nurse Call

Quantum Nurse Call System is comprehensive, scalable and can support the option of Quantum Door Control for additional access control functionality. Quantum’s built in software provides ease of monitoring and management of all system activity from any local web browser, with a robust reporting engine gaining insight into the operation and patterns of your facility.

Fully configurable, and UL2560 compliant, Quantum’s wireless network offers various alerting options as well as integration with existing systems enabling consolidating of alerting and reporting under one platform!

Nurse Call Systems

TekTone TekCare E-Call System

TEKTONE provides affordable hard wired UL 1069 and UL2560 nurse call systems that are easy to install, use and maintain. TEKTONE systems also provide an easy upgrade path for many legacy nurse call system by utilizing existing wiring. Integration with existing systems is made possible with the addition of the Appliance Server. This server also provides supporting options such as mobile alerting, remote monitoring and TV applications for large format display.

Tek-Care Tone-Visual Nurse Call Systems are aesthetically pleasing small flexible touchscreen display, wall or desk mounted, prioritizing calls in list view and annunciated with pleasant non-instuitional call tones.

Tek-Care Two-Way Audio Nurse Call Communication features a master station with a 5 inch LCD touchscreen user interface and an optional handset allowing staff to communicate privately with residents in patient rooms and to other nurse stations, without background noise interference. The Two-Button call stations are designed with or without pull cords, customized to each facility with unique call types.

Featuring customizable peripheral devices, sleek, touchscreen master stations and high-quality voice communication, the Tek-CARE Systems are designed to meet the needs of facilities across the entire healthcare and Senior Living spectrum.

NEPPS Low Profile Alert Light

Our “Alert Light” is aesthetically pleasing, and less institutional looking than the traditional “dome lights”. This ceiling/wall mounted annunciator can be customized to blend seamlessly into your décor, while providing a full viewing angle. The sample below is mounted on a patterned ceiling tile base.

The benefits offered by Alert*Light:

  • Lamp burn-out eliminated, with the long bulb life associated with L.E.D. technology. If an individual diode should go out, the remaining diodes stay lit and continue to provide lighting alert, unlike traditional dome lights.
  • Mounted with “blind” type fasteners affixed to the rear of the light – no screws or holes, reducing the possible spread of infection. The front is affixed with a smooth polycarbonate overlay, allowing for proper disinfection to be accomplished.
  • Adjustable lighting modes—steady on, flashing, combination of steady & flash effect. Includes capability to designate priority and varying alert modes.



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