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Fall Monitoring

To speed emergency alerting and response, fall monitoring technology in the form of personal panic buttons has been widely used in high-risk environments. Once a pendant/panic button is activated, alerts immediately go to the appropriate responders — those on and/or off-site — according to preprogrammed alerting protocols and escalation paths. With real-time alerts delivered to the right people, they can take immediate action to find the individual in need of help.

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Securitas Foresite

Securitas Healthcare’s Foresite Proactive Health and Predictive Fall Management Solution helps increase patient safety in healthcare and senior living facilities. This solution’s artificial intelligence and learning algorithms identify patients at high risk by identifying changes in their health condition. Foresite then incorporates a multi-factor analysis to calculate their fall risk, and provides proactive insights.

Using these insights, clinicians and administrators can help prevent falls, which helps increase patient safety, provide high-quality resident care, and increase operational efficiencies. Intelligent fall prevention technology can help increase the quality of life and longevity of residents.



Securitas M200 Fall Monitoring System

Each patient and resident deserves an individualized care plan that ensures their safety. M200 Fall monitoring system can help by reducing response times, preventing falls, and reducing injuries from falls in healthcare and senior living or assisted living communities.

Whether residents are in a wheelchair, in a bed, or in a restroom, M200 Fall monitoring system can use bed and chair pressure pads to monitor anyone who is at risk of falls. Monitors can be integrated with existing emergency or nurse call systems, like the Arial solution, to reduce alarm fatigue, reduce response times, and reduce the rate of falls.


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