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Infant & Pediatric Protection

Protect against infant abduction, mother/infant mismatches, and pediatric wandering to provide peace of mind to staff and patient family members. Patients wear bracelet tags that are electronically monitored to either alert when leaving the designated zone, or to electronically match mother and infant tags.

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Securitas Pedz

The Securitas Healthcare Pediatric Security Solution is designed to protect pediatric patients from abduction and from patient flight. It’s the only system specifically designed for this function. A comfortable, re-attachable band is designed for older children, which makes transport and transfer easy.

Each band has a unique tag and an automatic re-enroll feature. Multiple software options match this unique tag to the patient to allow for easy patient tracking and locating. Plus, you can personalize protection as needed based on the patient’s age and risk profile.

Securitas Kisses

A simple addition of a software license makes the Kisses tag compatible with an existing Hugs system. A compact Kisses tag is assigned to each mother and is bonded to her infant’s Hug tag at birth.

The tags remain bonded throughout the hospital stay and the Hugs tag will automatically check for a match whenever a baby is brought to a mother. If the match is incorrect, an audible alarm sounds and a notification message is sent to the system.

Like the Hugs tag, the Kisses tag is hypoallergenic, waterproof, and patient-friendly. The tags do not come in pre-matched sets, which means they are re-usable within the system. Additionally, tags support multiple births with no extra steps required.

Securitas Hugs

The threat of infant abduction from healthcare facilities is a major concern. Hospitals, once allowing open friendly access, are now forced to increase security and limit public access, including birthing and pediatric units. New developments in the art of infant protection systems provide for a safer and secure environment. Installation of an Infant Protection system will enable caregivers and parents to have complete confidence against such threats.


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