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Mass Notification

Mass notification systems are known to improve response times while also improving overall workplace safety and efficiency. Comprehensive mass notification systems can send out emergency alerts and updates, integrate with alarm systems, nurse call systems, and more, and provide real-time monitoring and status updates.

From Our Collection

Quantum Mobile

Quantum Mobile is a comprehensive smartphone app for monitoring, communication, and alerting. This full-featured alternative to pagers can help reduce response times, eliminate redundancy, and improve caregiver efficiency. Quantum Mobile also allows staff members to claim the alerts they are responding to for increased efficiency. If a claim alarm should go unanswered for a specified time, it will remove the claim and notify all staff that attention is still needed.

Reporting Features:

  • The Quantum server documents all activity with this mobile application, including detailed records of all staff members who received the alarm, who claimed the alarm and the alarm response time.
  • Additionally, resident wellness check-in reports can be accessed from Quantum Mobile, allowing staff to quickly verify the welfare of your residents.


Transmitter Test: Quantum Mobile can be used to monitor the status and battery of Quantum wanderer transmitters,without disturbing the resident.


Securitas Mobile View

Securitas MobileView can increase the efficiency of facility management. Applications include environmental monitoring, mass notification, mobile duress, supply chain & asset management, and more.

The application provides rules-based processing, configurable message output, and optional audible alarms to effectively and immediately notify users when an alert occurs. A pop-up window automatically appears and displays vital information about the event, which includes the current location on a map, current status, and an identifying icon or photo.


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