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Patient Engagement

No matter the type of facility, communicating effectively with staff, visitors, and more is essential for patient engagement and care. Digital whiteboards, signage, and wayfinding can help visitors navigate your facility while also communicating important messages. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, digital signage can help you create comprehensive and effective engagement solutions to enhance communication and improve outcomes for patients, staff, and visitors.

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Vizabli Acute Care Engagement Solutions (ACES)

An Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) improves patient care. Vizabli ACES is a single, integrated platform that seamlessly and effectively provides patient, visitor, and staff engagement features for improved healthcare experiences and better outcomes. Customizable, integrated, interactive, scalable, and flexible, you can create a comprehensive and effective engagement solution that is designed and built to suit your facility’s needs.

vizabli room board2vizabli room board

ACES Interactive Digital Whiteboard Solutions For Patient Engagement Include:

  • Nurse Station Smartboards
  • Patient Room Smartboards
  • Door Smartboards
  • Staff Mobile Apps
  • Wall-Mounted SmarTVs
  • Bedside SmarTVs
  • Beside Tablets
  • Waiting Room Boards
  • Interactive Wayfinding Boards
  • Digital Signage
  • Patient/Family Apps

vizabli aces - acute care engagement solution


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