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Risk Management

Make it easy to track, manage, alert, integrate, and visualize your internal systems with consolidated event management platform applications, which transform real-time information about patients/residents, staff, and assets into visual dashboards.

Risk management dashboard solutions allow users to easily access information for better decision-making, improved response times, and planning for future performance optimization while remaining flexible and scalable with add-on applications, such as environmental monitoring, mass notification, wander management, and fixed and mobile duress solutions.

From Our Collection

AeroScout Staff Protection

The AeroScout Staff Protection solution provides healthcare workers with a portable means to call for help for themselves, colleagues or patients from anywhere in the hospital. Designed as a mission-critical enterprise system, the AeroScout solution helps create an atmosphere of safety for workers while enabling hospitals to reduce risk and financial exposure associated with workplace violence. AeroScout uses Wi-Fi based wireless technology to protect staff members in high-risk areas such as the ED, with the ability to locate staff anywhere in the hospital. Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi tag, typically worn attached to their hospital ID badge.

Benefits:24/7 protection for staff hospital-wide using existing infastructure; Reduced exposure to adverse events and better staff relations; Peace of mind and increased job satisfaction for staff

Stanley Mobile View

STANLEY MobileView can increase the efficiency of facility management. Applications include environmental monitoring, mass notification, mobile duress, supply chain & asset management, and more.

The application provides rules-based processing, configurable message output, and optional audible alarms to effectively and immediately notify users when an alert occurs. A pop-up window automatically appears and displays vital information about the event, which includes the current location on a map, current status, and an identifying icon or photo.


4 Ways to Combat Alarm Fatigue in Healthcare Facilities

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