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Wander Management

Residents deemed at risk of wandering can be easily monitored through personalized protection and access control based on their needs. This helps reduce the risk of wandering or flight and provides peace of mind to residents, family, and staff. With the applications below, residents wear a small and discreet bracelet that can be used within a single building or throughout an entire campus.

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Arial Wander Management & Resident Location System

Arial provides built-in wander management capability with its emergency call solution. With this application, residents deemed at risk of wandering wear a small and discreet bracelet, and exits are monitored by door devices that will lock the door or generate an alarm when opened.

Alarm information is shown in the software with the location, resident name, and the time. Location is also displayed on a customized map of the community.

Staff members can also be kept fully informed on events through a variety of means: IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, dome lights, e-mail, and text messages. This is an affordable option for customers needing a perimeter-based wander management solution.

Below are some other applications this robust wander management & resident location platform includes:

  • Wireless nurse call via fixed call stations for bed and bath
  • Facility wide emergency call via wireless, portable pendants
  • Alarm and alert notification to pagers, IP phones, display signs, text messaging, and emails
  • Fall management via fall monitors
  • Patient monitoring including Daily Check-Ins
  • Locating residents, staff, and equipment with alarm queues and dynamic maps displaying location and status
  • Event Platform to monitor door, window, motion sensor, smoke detector, fire alarms, temperature, and humidity conditions
Securitas RoamAlert

Securitas Healthcare’s RoamAlert is a flexible wander management solution. It gives you the necessary tools to protect your residents wherever and whenever they need it. RoamAlert is flexible so you can customize it to your needs. Whether it’s simple perimeter protection with one or two doors or a community-wide system, you can expand and scale to the resident locating and wander management solution you need.

At only a third of an ounce, one inch across, and with no hard edges, the RoamAlert tag is designed with comfort and safety in mind. It is small, lightweight, and safe for even the most delicate skin. This also makes it comfortable for residents to wear. Plus, because it is so small and lightweight, residents will barely notice it.

Securitas WanderGuard Blue

WanderGuard Blue, the next generation of wander management, is based on advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless technology that allows for simple, remote configuration with the use of a mobile application. Its integrated technology requires fewer components, streamlining the installation process and decreasing the cost, while its design is aesthetically pleasing.

WanderGuard Blue provides more than wander management functionality — it also has access control functionality to ensure the safety and security of everyone in your senior living community.


  • Door Controller Controller, exciter and antenna in one, configured via the Wanderguard Blue Mobile Application.
  • Indoor Keypad Access the door with visitor, bypass or user pin codes.
  • Resident Tag Low frequency receiver and Bluetooth Low Energy transmitter. One of the smallest wander tag on the market with 90-day or 3-year battery life.
  • Mobile Application Configure and Manage Tags and Door Controller settings and events, and more.
  • Detector Convenient wireless tag activation and wander tag battery tester

WanderGuard Blue Geofencing – Improved resident safety with location-based wander management with interior wander notification zones, area designation and special area protection.




Quantum Wander Management

The Quantum Door Control System is a single comprehensive platform designed to provide complete wander management and door access control. Door functionality can be managed from any local web browser by utilizing an IP network. In the event of a network outage, your facility is still managed with door-level database redundancy allowing uninterrupted operation with event history logging.

The Door Access Controller, the heart of the system, is a color touch screen display at each door indicating status and enables control of the system, such as:

  • Alarms reset with staff key fob and logged to their profile
  • Family can escort their wander resident through permitted doors
  • Wander bands & access key fobs are managed in the same software

Built-in Software is designed to be quick and user friendly to easily:

  • Manage resident wander bands
  • Add staff, resident, and visitor key fobs
  • Manage door lock/unlock schedules
Quantum Wireless Nurse Call

Quantum Nurse Call System is comprehensive, scalable and can support the option of Quantum Door Control for additional access control functionality. Quantum’s built in software provides ease of monitoring and management of all system activity from any local web browser, with a robust reporting engine gaining insight into the operation and patterns of your facility.

Fully configurable, and UL2560 compliant, Quantum’s wireless network offers various alerting options as well as integration with existing systems enabling consolidating of alerting and reporting under one platform!

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